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  1. I couldn't see a main topic yet for bugs in the new release of Tekkit 2.0 so i thought i'd start a new one to share the bugs i've found and hopefully others will contribute. I'd like to point out now I can only imagine the work that goes into putting Tekkit together, this is just a bug list to help improve Tekkit, not a complaint. [li]The computer from ComputerCraft does not seem to be present. I can see it in NEI but it does not allow me to create or spawn it.[/li] [li]Weapon Mod Entities not showing in-game.[/li] [li]The cannon and training dummy from WeaponMod do not display once placed.[/li] [li]Placing wireless redstone kills the world (as it kicks me from the game and I'm unable to log in to remove the item from the world).[/li] [li]Moving items around in your inventory in Creative Mode causes you to be kicked from the server. There is no known fix for this right now so please stop posting it.[/li] ComputerCraft Fix thanks to DarthDavis. [li]In your server mod files, find computercraft-server-1.21-bukkit-b1.1R4-r1.zip and extract the ComputerCraft folder so it's now ../mods/ComputerCraft/[/li] [li]Remove the computercraft-server-1.21-bukkit-b1.1R4-r1.zip file.[/li] [li]Run your server once to generate a new ComputerCraft config.[/li] [li]Go into your ComputerCraft settings file (../config/mod_ComputerCraft.cfg) and change the "diskItemID" to "4256".[/li] [li]Go into your forestry settings file (../config/forestry/base.conf) and change the "grower" ID from 208 to 255.[/li] WeaponMod Fix thanks to DarthDavis. RailCraft Tunnel Bore Fix thanks to teamplur. If you are having issues with the Tunnel Bore in RailCraft follow this fix by teamplur. [li]Open up the RailCraft config file.[/li] [li]Look for "net.gui.cart.bore".[/li] [li]Change this value from "120" to "124".[/li] [li]Do this for both server and client.[/li] I'm not personally having this error, but if you are, teamplur's fix should sort you right out. MOD NOTE: In lieu of an official bug thread we will use this one. Report bugs here! BE THOROUGH. SAYING "IT IS BROKE" IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND YOU WILL GET HELEN KELLER'D FAST.
  2. Have you tried running a clean install of the Tekkit Server. To me that looks like errors with your world, meaning the blue screen could have corrupted it. But to be sure I'd recommend grabbing a fresh copy of Tekkit and seeing if it runs or not.
  3. Could you post the error log you get? It could help determine what the issue is.
  4. The new announcementon the main page may be exactly what you require. Video Example So when the next version of Technic/Tekkit are released your kids and friends will only need to use this new launcher which will do all the hard work for them.
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