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  1. I have been getting the disconnect.overflow error on my server and I am looking for a few people to log into it for about 10 minutes to see if the error continues. It does not happen to any computer inside my network, so I require remote users to log in. This is NOT a server advertisement. Here is the IP for now, it will be up off and on for a few hours as I troubleshoot the issue.
  2. Well I just reconstructed the RP sorting setup exactly as I have it in a different spot and it works perfectly. Absolutely identical setup and it works in one place but not another... Any ideas on that?
  3. Okay...last few problems I ended up solving as I went but this one I have now spent about 5 hours on with no success. I have searched for it in every way I can imagine and I simply cannot find an answer. My sorting facility was working perfectly until it decided to just stop. The sorters are arranged in line from each other (RP2) so that what the first doesn't sort it sends to the second and so on. For some reason the first sorter states that it is backed up. Now I have already rotated it, destroyed pipes on all sides, and replaced the sorter but to no avail. Both the Sorter and the Relay
  4. All of the timers and transposers are encased and compressed to the point that it is impossible to turn them off without destroying the entire complex >_> I already ended up destroying the entire chest storage area in favor of one that uses item detectors instead of timers. So far it seems to be working aside from the fact that now my sorting machines simply wont work. >_> Making a different post for that...it's a separate issue...
  5. I'm building a sorting complex and the basis for it is a series of six chests per chest that are used as a storage. Each chest has a Transposer attached to it. This means that across the 64 chests that the facility contains, there are 384 Transposers activating once every .5 seconds. Coupled with the 64 timers and other Transposers used to offload the mobile drill, is this causing the massive amounts of lag? The lag has grown so bad that If you stay connected for more than a few minutes you begin to skip around and cannot place blocks.
  6. Problem Solved: I placed a world anchor on a RP frame drill and when it moved to reposition it caused the crash. Removing the anchor fixed the problem.
  7. Sorry for posting this here but apparently I don't have the permissions to post on the bug board >_> Anyway... Occationally my client will become a white screen and close while connected to my server. The server only has the usual disconnect message so I believe it is a client side problem. Also, I am running the Technic launcher on two computers and only the one running the server has this issue. I do have it set to Tekkit. Edit: Server says this: Read Time Out WhiteRabbitKizi lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
  8. I worked out how to duplicate the one I saw on the wikia. Drill and engine work great except for the frequent crashes when im moving it >_>.... the server stays up but my client freezes, whitescreens, and then dc's. >_<
  9. The digging head and drill itself is simple enough, the only thing I'm having trouble with is creating the engine to move it. I intend to have the drill a completely mobile platform that separates from the sorting facility and then docks with it to offload what it has drilled. I know there are some tutorials on youtube for omni engines but I want one as compact as possible. >_< I did see the one linked to from the RP wikia and I really want to recreate the compact one shown in the beginning of that video but I'm not sure how >_>
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I ended up reconstructing the entire system out of RP machines and pipes. It still uses a relay to connect the BC quarries tho. I'd like to use RP for the quarries but creating a mobile quarry platform with omni directional frame engine is....challenging >_<
  11. I'm trying to construct a sorting and storage facility on my server. The issue I've run into is with buildcraft. Is there anyway to set up a system that identifies if a chest is full and redirects to another destination? My Cobblestone storage is full and I want it to automatically redirect to an incinerator if the storage is full but instead of detecting it just drops the item when it reaches a full chest. Thanks in advance.
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