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  1. also the server only gets to 30-40% when generating spawn and then crashes
  2. already tried that, and redownloading the server
  3. sorry the server for the website bugged out and posted 5 times >.<
  4. scarygary50

    ID mismatch issue

    Title: ID mismatch issue Version: 1_0_3 OS: Mac OS 10.7.5(server) Windows 8(client) Java Version: Latest Mac recommended java version Description of Problem: Trying to log in to a newly set up Tekkit server gives me an ID mismatch error Error Messages: ID 102,335.79 is mismatched between the world and the game Error Log: None
  5. i think i fixed it its a problem with worldguard but there is a thing in the buildcraft config to fix that but i just stopped using the plugin
  6. i downloaded the newest version of tekkit and got my server working started doing some bug tests onn each mod and i think i found one with the buildcraft quarry. the quarry wont mine it will set up the hazard tape but wont build the frame or start mining same with the buildcraft mining well it kinda works if there isnt a block under it then it builds a pipe but wont mine still everything works right power is fine engines are fine and i looked in the config and turned the ming off restarted the server and turned it back on still doesnt work i am on a mac not sure if that matters....