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  1. egs42 just threw Dynamite at my house and blew it up Dynamite abuses world guard
  2. Seems like a good server. Plugins are at low priority but otherwise it's pretty good.
  3. Lawl who can expect what happens when u make a dumb mistake losing me. This is what you can expect when you act like an idiot
  4. I did not have any spelling/grammer mistakes and this is my comeback? Seriously? If you can't read then go get some glasses. I mean come on! Throw something at least worth it at me!
  5. Tekkit glitched out and made the all the hostile mobs irl, I don't think I need to say more.
  6. blackielife I just realized you banned for a false reason. Banned: Griefing, although i never griefed, lemme explain. If by using a ring (which you don't know of) to place snow at spawn that is not griefing that is building, on someone elses place or not it's not in the rules I can't do that, moving on. You might say: the water you changed into ice griefer, let me tell you he doesn't own the water he owns the source block which flowed some more water which he doesn't own, me changing in doesn't mean I'm griefing, unless Water is a player who created water. Also what to my surprize that blackie
  7. I know how you feel man, over-reacting owners these days Edit: Although you actually changed a block that he placed and that is griefing
  8. Infact when i got on Mumble in the morning people were calling me a griefer and such, of course I knew that was your doing telling them your side always. You still don't even know the ring
  9. Countless? Just saying countless doesn't make it better and who could of guessed you would of said something like that. When i said muted and deafened u obviously knew i meant after it happened but no u had to act like I knew nothing and say that i meant right when it happened, not saying anything? Tell me sir know it all what i would say then, lol? that would get me banned but i get banned anyway. If ur gonna say something a hundred other owners could say at least put some detail into it, gawd.
  10. Why was i banned?! Because I was in the joking mood so I took out my ring and i snowed spawn as a joke which blackielife here took like i was trying to kill the server, he doesn't even know what ring I used practicly he jailed me for who knows how long then I had to go so I went, according to what people said he fixed it then de-moted me (over-reaction). Idk what happened after but he did what everyone would do on Mumble when he saw me there, he didn't explain anything or what not (if he did I was muted and deafened playing TF2 so I wouldn't know). He said if you want to appeal send him a PM s
  11. ... whenever i go on a server if i like it i get stupidly banned or it goes inactive, I mean minecraft and the technic launcher are awesome just server owners are like strangers, take u in with a good sign (candy idk) then down you at the end, in this case take u in with everything u want of a server then u see: The Ban Hammer Has Spoken! Why do i even bother...
  12. Me too but it's not like cause the last thousand left you behind this one will to, the owner is the most dedicated man I've ever seen
  13. Calm down. Calm down, it doesn't matter how long but it will be back up. Best thing you can do is go on Mumble (ip is at the 1st post)
  14. This server has become extremely popular is such a short time, it's just amazing what can come out of the best owner of all the tekkit servers. Fleepo I've never seen anyone as fucking retarded as you. Bad owner? What does every one here think? Is Blackielife a bad owner? Personnaly i don't.
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