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  1. In-game username: jasonnator Age: 18 Time-zone: Eastern U.S What is your current rank?: Member How long do you play daily?: 45 minutes but that’s about to change to hours daily if I become moderator. If you mean MC in general, then almost 3 years now. Why do you want to become a moderator?: I want to become a moderator mainly because I feel that the Tekkify server needs a well experienced and mature rule enforcer. Me becoming a moderator will benefit Tekkify in many ways, as I do what I’m supposed to do as a moderator, which is moderate. I care about Luke and I care about his accomplishments. I honestly don’t want to see Tekkify fall like many other great servers. I don’t know if Tekkify has good moderators, or staff members in general, but I do know that I’m that good moderator that will enforce each and every rule daily. When I work on something, I work on it. I’ll be on hours a day doing my job as a moderator. I need to get rid of any griefers, hackers, etc that come into this amazing server. What makes you the best candidate?: What makes me the best candidate is my experience really. I’ve moderated servers before and I know what the drill is. I’ve read all the rules and I know if someone breaks a rule, they’ll have to receive the consequences by the consequence giver, who are the moderators. I am also extremely mature. I enjoy playing this game, but when I have a duty, I work on that duty. I am strict when it comes to moderating (I don’t know why I’m not as strict when I’m admin or manager). I may be strict enforcing the rules, but I am fun and friendly to be around you. If you’re respectful and fun, I’m going to associate with you. But, if you’re stuck-up and rude, I wont associate with you. An advantage of me being a moderator is that I don’t make best friends as a moderator. That’s a good thing because if a mod has a best friend on the server, and the best friend does something bad, the mod will just give his best friend chances and chances and chances. That also makes the situation vulnerable to the mod spawning items for the best friend. As I’ve explained, I’m fair when it comes to moderation. I handle my business in a legitimate way. Do you have previous experience moderating?: Yes, I do have previous experience in moderating. I’ve moderate a bunch of forums and websites, as well as Minecraft servers. Not only have I moderated MC servers, but I have administrated, managed and even owned a Minecraft server successfully. All servers I’ve administrated or managed gained more than thirty members online daily. Do you have previous experience with Tekkit?: I joined a Tekkit server once and I’ve been playing single-player on Tekkit. I really enjoy the mods.
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