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  1. Is it basically the update of tekkit? And is it multiplayer?
  2. Your In Game Name: jacobthing Your Age: 13 (don't worry i'm not one of thoose imature 13 year olds) How often are you planning on playing: Daily, about 1-6 hours For exsperienced players, the structure you are most proud of building: A fully automated village that suited me and my four other friends For new players, what you are hoping to achieve on Verve: A fully protected and somewhat automated forcefield protected dome with reinforced stone as walls and overall strong house that will supply me and my 3 or more friends supplied with safty and comfort. For everyone, why do you think Verve is the server for you: Many other servers thrive off of having EE2, IC2, and BC2 deleted or almost nothing left but ruins of what bueatiful mods they are, me and my friends if they get accepted have been looking for a server for about 3-5 months now for tekkit and at first it was about nothing but now we have a growing thirst to find one and this one seems to fit everything we see in a server and this seems like a server that doesn't go off of perfect. Instead perfect goes off of this server, Verve. Additional Comment: I was one of the people that played industrialcraft almost as soon as it came out, thus i know what I am doing and have gained knoledge of the other mods, never stop learning. i am still learning more about thoose mods when bored and not in my studys of school. Hope to join and my goal idealy is to become part of the staff if the server amazes me as mutch as the information about it does. ~ If i do get accepted, thanks hope to repay the favor to you :3!
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