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  1. Thanks for the link CityStorms, and Theownage9981 for the video. does anyone know where to get the download... its gone. Now if only someone knew of a bukkit version of the latest forcefield addon... probably a bit much to hope for...?
  2. I found that downloading this version: works, and you might want to install the extra bees mod and vis bees mod as well if you like Bees I hear that there is a NEI plugin as well. funny thing: the smaller mods, like the new version of the forcefield mod, already have the recipes...?
  3. Okay. there are a lot of comments, I did not expect so many. But: Mcport will not have it, as the forestry downloads section links to the only LEGAL one. (or at least thats what it says...) I have found that, I know that I need a bukkit port which is why me and my friend can't use the ICBM mod. the problem is, I have tried a lot of the versions and I cant find the right one. Also, add in finding the right client version... that just made it way harder. And yes, forestry is compatable. I use it on my single player world along with extra bees and vis bees . hmmm... sure I forgot something :P
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows the correct version of forestry and bukkit port to add forestry to tekkit? P.S. please don't rip my head off in a bloody shower of gore :)
  5. thanks for that, although I dont experiment with mark v reactors in my main world. I dont find craters to be that amazing of view. I just use it because creative doesn't let you use armor and stuff, as well as the fact that it is useless with so many Items. kind of like TMI.
  6. I use it for experementing with mark 5 reactors :)
  7. yeah, thanks. for some reason I could not find that : )
  8. Umm, I dont understand what you mean, but thanks : ) you made me look over the code again, and I have a idea of what I need to do. oh, I did check youtube, the code that was showed in the video did not match this code.
  9. I cant figure out how, as the code is different. please help!! here is the Code: #Main configuration of NEI. #Most of these options can be changed ingame. #For those who can't help themselves lock_recipe_mode=true KeyBinding { back=14 enchant=45 hide=24 next=209 prev=201 recipe=19 usage=22 } command { #{0} = player, {1} = 1 for creative, 0 for survival creative=/gamemode {0} {1} #{0} = player, {1} = itemID, {2} = quantity, {3} = itemDamage give=/give {0} {1} {2} {3} #{0} = worldtime time=/time set {0} } options { enable=true enablemp=true hidden=false cheat=false extracheats=false showsaves=true show_ids=0 itemdrops=true emptyslots=false searchinventories=false mc-style_buttons=true edge-align_buttons=false }
  10. Thank you! I did read that... kinda forgot. (I = Foolish + Stupid)
  11. Thank you. for insulting me. I ran the .exe file, and it shows the: looking for updates... then: nothing. its supposed to show the Technic logo in case you didn't know.
  12. loads? like, says updating lancher? then disapears?
  13. ok. how do you get the actual client? not the updater?