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  1. Sorry, trying to be helpful. looked at the posted date after that...
  2. It was likely a dungeon. You appeared to have taken the screenshots at night though, so I can't confirm it. They spawn naturally as part of the terrain in Hack/Mine
  3. Miniboxer, that was rude and unnecessary. What he was trying to say, however, was that you're asking too much and you sound like a six year old. I would suggest (first off) that you take out the capslock on some of your words, and don't use silly SMS abbreviations (such as "u" instead of "You"). Second, you might want to make a link to your own youtube account to show that you have some credibility/subs behind you so that people are actually motivated to work with you. Hope this helps in your search to find a person to record with! Also, I know this thread is old, just thought I'd reply and help someone.
  4. Hi there. Saw you posted something a little while ago on someone else's profile about having spawn griefing. Still having that problem?

  5. Okay, so in this LP my cousin & I are going to be playing through tekkit SMP, and in the process we are trying to achieve 2 goals: Become "invincible" using red matter (and eventually, infernal) armor Have the ability (although not necessarily the intent) to make anything in the world that can be consumed by a condenser so that we can have, well, more red matter! Here's the first episode! I will have the next episode hopefully uploaded by tomorrow (my video editing is still mediocre), and we have 2 more episodes pre-recorded for after that! Also, as a response to this thread's board description, I happen to be older than twelve and I have never been called "nasally."