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  1. My bad, I'm from Vegas.. Was sure I mentioned that but I guess not, I'll suggest for him to update java, thanks.
  2. I mentioned that people from all over the world in different countries can connect fine but not him, and he's from Kentucky, so the connection should work fine no?
  3. I run a server with 8GB of ram and a pretty good connection, and people can log into it fine. But my friend has constant lag and errors while on it, he lives in Kentukey, and people from EU can play fine but not him. He has a terrible connection but can connect to other servers fine but not mine for some reason! EDIT: he also has weird glitches where he sees me staring at the ground instead of where I actually am, and same for me.
  4. According to this tutorial I used for normal MC, you only need "SEUS" when previously you needed one of those AND sues?
  5. I remember installing it for tekkit classic but It's in 1.2.5 which I assume is completely different, plus a new version of the shaders mod came out, and the tutorial I watched didn't specify what significance the 6 or so class files had to anything, so I don't know if that'd be the same either. Just saying, if someone made a tutorial it'd get some views..
  6. The only tutorials I can even find are using MagicLauncher which I assume isn't compatible with Tekkit Lite.
  7. Same for me, I put the files into my modpack.jar for minecraftforge/modloader.zip and it made me crash immediately after the mojang screen.
  8. What about installing it into the server? Do I need to put any files anywhere or can me and my friend just run it individually and still work?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll edit this post if it works/doesn't work. All I can find are development kits, isn't that for people who want to write java? T.H.A.N.K Y.O.U YESSSS it worked! Thanks so much Ezioa and everyone for that matter that helped! My life feels a lot more happy... <3
  10. I don't even know how to check... Uhh, I'd really appreciate a link to this 7u5?
  11. is there any modderators online?

  12. ... Yes, of course I did.. Many times.. I mean, why would it run out of memory so often if my computer is such a beast.. Also thanks for helping.
  13. I already tried using old and new, new and old, same and same for old, same and same for new.. Nothing works still gives me that message.
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