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  1. Hello Nentify, So after I got banned sibelo900 skyped me saying your house is not world guarded griefing here I come, he did this to tease me but I thought this would help decide if I were to be unbanned or not.
  2. Hello Nentify im back again sadly... In-game username:GamePouch Who were you banned by?:Unknown What were you banned for?:grief When were you banned?:6/21/12 4:12pm EST Do you admit fault?:yes What was your rank?member Why should you be unbanned?: I think I should be unbanned because again, I did not get to tell my side of the story and I also think I shouldent have been the only one being banned, sibelo900 told on me since I made a 6x2 hole in his pathetic floating island and because I griefed his farm which was not protected, I did this because when we deiceded we were going to split up and not work together he blocked the machines that I made so I was mad I made the 6x2 hole in the island and griefed his farm, couple days later he tells on me and without any reaction time and I get banned. P.S he also griefed into my house.
  3. In-game username: GamePouch Who were you banned by?: Unknown mod What were you banned for?: Being accused of randomly pvping When were you banned?: 6/16/12 1:09 am EST Do you admit fault?: No What was your rank? Member Why should you be unbanned?: Because I did not get to tell my side of the story and the person (sibelo900) >.> not pointing any fingers told a mod I killed him randomly when I did not he griefed my house so I wanted to get him back, he lied.
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