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  1. oh wait those '' '' are now supposed for the password XD
  2. OH GOD I CANT CHANGE IT XD and there is ''cum'' in it
  3. now i get this error in copmuter 1: rednet :347: positive number expected
  4. this one is actialy for minecraft 1.4.2 i have created an password program in 1.2.5, but somehow in 1.4.2 it doesnt work. this is my program: computer 1 (input): edit startup: print("text") rednet.open("side") ctrl save ctrl exit edit password: print("text") rednet.send("computer 2's ID", password) os.reboot() ctrl save ctrl exit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- computer 2 (output): edit startup: rednet.open("side") id, message = rednet.receive("computer 1's ID", password) if message
  5. i found a way to let computer 2 always recieve it: edit startup and this code: id, message = rednet.receive() if message == "password" then rs.setOutput("back",true) reboot.os () end made the program in the startup and make it roboot when finished, end must be placed, once done and restarted the computer you cant do anything... like edit a program.
  6. i do: edit startup and this code: print ("Enter Password") and than: edit "password name" and this code: print ("Acces Granted! You Have 5 Second To Proceed. Press ESC To Exit. ") redstone.setOutput ("back", true) sleep (5) redstone.setOutput ("back", false) os.reboot () and now i use that rednet thing :D
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