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  1. 10 hours of mining, here I come Thanks mate
  2. No, just a way of copying the world that wasn't actually deleted from the folder. Still can't figure it out though
  3. No it was a method I found, not a mod. It said to go into .minecraft\saves than click on the world, which is still in the folder even though I deleted it, and copy/paste the region folder from my old world into a fresh world. I tried this, making a few changes for the folder differences in techic, but basically the same method. It didn't work Any more ideas?
  4. Hi new user here so please try to keep it relatively simple if you can. I was showing a friend my 2 week old Technic SSP world. I had a previous world which I had abandoned before starting the current one still in my saves. I decided to delete it, and accidentally deleted my world with at least 20 hours of work put in. Tried a method I found on YouTube for vanilla Minecraft save but I think Techic has a different system of files or something. Please help me recover my lost world! Thanks.
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