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  1. After a few hours of screwing around in Hexxit, I came across a castle rigged with Walker spawners. I then used my manualshoot to launch myself onto a near by tower. Soon, I triggered some of the spawners to spawn the archer walkers. I shot a few arrows at the first walker. But, he acted different from the others. He took cover behind a pole as I shot him. I rushed to that pole, but he wasn't there. At that point, I was doomed to fall from the wall by another group of walkers. I fell down and died. Because I was too lazy to make my awesome sword, I rushed back to the castle. I managed to return to the castle in time, and I saw some of my stuff on the ground. Or, was it my stuff? I didn't know I had a set of scale armour at the time. I didn't have a frost bow, I had an enchanted crystal bow. I didn't even have food, but I still found porkchops. I took a look at my tombstone: "fealypino fell out of this world." I was confused. I hit the ground too hard, right? I headed towards the castle, but just then. Standing behind a pillar, was the first walker, slightly sticking its body out, with an arrow prepared.
  2. Thank you, guys. Me and my sister have no idea what to do.
  3. It's kind of frustrating that you have to learn SO MUCH about modpack once it comes out in order to play it to its full extent. I preferred Tekkit Classic over Tekkit lite. It was much more simple. With Hexxit it, I can spend my time to learn about it, because it looks pretty cool. I try the wiki but it doesn't really help that much. Where can I learn how to play Hexxit to its full value?
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    NEI Bug

    Title: NEI Bug Version: 0.5.1 OS: Windows 8 Java Version: 7u17 Description of Problem: If you search up for the "Forth Boot Disk", it won't show. The version is 0.6.1, yea, I know it put 0.5.1, but that was the only selection I could choose. Error Messages: Error Log:
  5. I'm bored in the spring break, I already made a hufe factory and a 3d printer but I can't find anything else to make Any suggestions?
  6. OS - Windows 8 64-Bit Launcher Build - 201 Java Version - 7u17 (Latest) My Tekkit Lite won't work. I always get an error message like this: "Error retrieving information for the selected pack: tekkitlite" Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section.
  7. thanks! my space ship is finally going to meet it's other parts!
  8. yep, but i'll reinstall tekkit and use np++
  9. I'm wondering if there is a wiki or something I can look at before playing on servers.
  10. It really depends what you want to do. If you want to sell IC2 Armor/ Machinery, I recommend you make a solar panel factory first. If you want to make food, you can set up an auto farm.
  11. In Tekkit singleplayer, I made a 6-Directional engine and made sure it worked. It did, so then I continued making my ship and I started with body frame, I didn't put any covers or panels yet but it won't move. Is there a size limit to what frame can move?