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  1. @Cyblocker, You posted that on our forums and I replied to it. The Swiftwolf's Rending Gale should not be banned from any of the ranks. I am unable to take a look into this right now, so I will as soon as I arrive home.
  2. IP: play.timescraft.net Website: http://www.timescraft.net Forums: http://www.timescraft.net/forum TS3: TimesCraft was originally a Bukkit server, but we wanted something different which led into the choice of making a Tekkit server. The name TimesCraft will probably be changed to something different, since the name doesn't really match into the servers style anymore. If you are good with names, why not suggest us something nice? http://www.timescraft.net/forum/index.php?topic=141.0 Now TimesCraft is a brand new Tekkit server offering great Tekkit experience with EE enabled! The server is hosted by group of Minecraft players from Finland with over a year experience from hosting Minecraft servers. Our first server was started at 11th January 2011. Our server is ran on a dedicated server located in Germany with 24GB of RAM and i7 920 Quad Core CPU @ 2.66GHz and 100mbps up/down connection. Our server has 100 slots which we believe is more than enough for a server like us. We are still quite new server, so we're open for suggestions. If you have got an idea of what and how can we improve the server so it would be better, please register to our forums and make a new topic to the Suggestions forum. We appreciate every suggestion! (If you wont register, suggest it to ibab in the server) http://www.timescraft.net/forum/index.php?board=3.0 We're quite new server, so only few images for now. We're adding more as we build something that is worth to be shown! 24/7 online Economy Residence Live map MobArena Ranks by playtime Monthly voter rewards mcMMO Ranking on website Forums TeamSpeak 3 HawkEye Modifyworld CasinoSlots Citizens No griefing No scamming No 3rd party programs (Cheats/Hacks) Do not abuse bugs/glitches Do not troll or annoy other players No 1x1 or 1x2 holes or towers No advertising No scamming Only English in global chat Newbie - You start here. Basic access to commands like /sethome, /home, /spawn, /kit starter and more Member - Requires 12 hours of playtime. Access to TNT, Industrial TNT and Dynamite Trusted - Requires 24 hours of playtime. Access to hide/show yourself from livemap with /dynmap show and /dynmap hide. Access to Energy Condensers. VIP - Users who have donated. Access to /warp VIP, /tpa, /tpahere. Gets reserved slot in server, can use colors on signs, keeps EXP after death, MobArena VIP class, full access to all blocks Supporter - Everything from VIP rank but also access to /hat, /heal (usable once every 5 minutes) and MobArena Supporter class Moderator - Players who are here to make sure that you enjoy playing on our server as well as answer to any of your questions and concerns you may have Lead Moderator - A person who is in charge of Moderators Admin - Players who are the formers of TimesCraft. Feel free to ask them questions about anything you like, they're happy to answer. List of items which are banned from the server. Part of the items unlock at different ranks you can get by playing but all of these (except for Nuke) is available for VIP's and above. TNT Industrial TNT Dynamite Nuclear Reactor Forcefields Mining Laser Destruction Catalyst Ring of Ignition Ring of Arcana Void Ring Energy Condenser Transmutation Tablet Red Matter Hammer Red Katar Red Morning Star World Anchor Black Hole Chest Nova Catalyst Nova Catalysm Computer Monitor Nuke - Not available for anyone Collectors (Mk1/Mk2/Mk3) - Not available for anyone This list might be out of date, so check the up-to-date list here. http://www.timescraft.net/forum/index.php?topic=132.0
  3. Here's how I've done it. 1. Setup MCMA 2. Go to Configuration -> Server Settings and select CraftBukkit as a Server type and hit Install 3. Extract the Tekkit server to your Minecraft folder 4. Rename Tekkit.jar to craftbukkit.jar That way it should work just fine. Or atleast it worked for me.
  4. I am using Tekkit + McMyAdmin. Works fine. Memory usage and player count should be shown to you in the status page. I don't know why your server gets stuck in the starting up point, but have you made sure that the server is trying to use craftbukkit and not the vanilla Minecraft? I'm not 100% sure if that makes difference.