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  1. There aren't that many linked directly through the launcher and it is pretty easy to find the mods installed. And you're right, there might be some none legit search entries but at least you can narrow down the search and not have to check the mod list for EVERY mod. It could simply be a "search mod description" type search, nothing complicated, similar to the search function of most forums. Just an idea that would help A LOT in my opinion :)
  2. Hopefully this is the proper place to post this but it'd be really awesome if you could search by included mods with the mod packs. For example I really like the mod Millenaire so I'm really interested in what mod packs include that mod, but if I search it only comes up with mod packs that have it in the title. Maybe even just a simple "text search" option. Thanks and take care! I really love what you've done with this launcher! EDIT: Also it looks like the search is messed up, when I hit 2 to go to the second page it brings me to the main mod list instead of the 2nd page for my search term.
  3. Thank you so much Torezu for your installation instructions! I hope that eventually the minecraft devs aren't so strick about the .jar because it'd be nice if modders could just post their modded jar but hopefully!!! Never heard of Thaumcraft, time to do some searching!! Thanks again for taking the time to write those instructions, that really helps :)
  4. Oh wow I didn't see that disclaimer, that last line is pretty crazy though if he already let it be added to yogbox I'd think he'd be open to it in tekkit since they both use the technic launcher. And yeah I miss the monsters from yogsbox, that and the mining town are my two favorite mods. I wish the minecraft devs would just purchase the mod from him already.
  5. I did look briefly and didn't see any and also saw that SMP support was fairly recently to mo creatures. From the instructions it didn't seem that simple especially if I was to add it to tekkit but I guess that's how I learn.
  6. So yeah Mo Creatures now has SMP support!! It's already in yogsbox and I think technic so it's addition in tekkit would be awesome! Please consider it and thanks for all of your great work with this launcher, it makes life so much eaiser! Here is the mo creatures link with the info on SMP: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/81771-v125-mo-creatures-v362-with-ostriches-fishbowls-and-smp-support/
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