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  1. Server files? There was no server files. I set it up by installing every single mod I need, one by one.
  2. I was trying to set up a Catch N' Slash Pixelmon Server, but when I start the server, and try to join, I get the error message: Forge Mod Loader has found ID mismatches Complete details are in the log file ID 765 is mismatched between world and game You cannot connect to this server I tried deleting the config file from the server and replacing it with the one from the Catch N' Slash modpack, but I still get the same error message. Has anyone else tried to set up a Catch N' Slash Pixelmon server and had the same issue? I would appreciate suggestions on how to fix the problem.
  3. my tekkit wont work and if u could help it would be great!

  4. hey could u help me?

  5. cmuff, why is the Server down again? You said it was back on?
  6. Should I upgrade to the Development build, or should I wait until it is released? I can't play now, because I didn't download the Development build yet.
  7. What just happened now? I lost connection? Did the Server crash? Edit: Or actually, I think you shut the Server off. Why?
  8. In-Game Name: therealjettix Age: 15. Experience with Tekkit: I have played some on single player. Now I want to play on a multiplayer Server. Did you read the rules?: Yes.
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