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  1. When i launch Attack Of The B Team, or any other modpack for that matter, the launcher vanishes briefly, and then appears again, and minecraft doesn't launch. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've attached the console report while it launches BTW. KPn8QGCc.txt
  2. I've tried so many times, but really all I want is Minecraft 1.6.2 with Minecraft Forge. If you guys could do that for me I'd be extremley happy. I also have looked form modpack on the platform but all of them, whilst in the progress of downloading, had an error unzipping. Thanks in advance! ~Brady
  3. Wow, this is the EXACT same thing that happens to me. is the title of it hs_err_pir[random number] ?
  4. IGN:Brady5953 Reason for wanting to become a member:I'm looking for a server that looks amazing, and this might be it. Why should we accept you: I will try my hardest to help all players. :D
  5. And mabye make the ability for normal people to make a server, WITHOUT downloading that Hamatchi thing! Yay!
  6. Wait, rereading your reply like a week later, what do you mean by the merge of SSP and SMP? Oh no, what has Jeb done now!?
  7. Cool, and who knows? Mabey the Aether team will make aether 2 compatible with anything but vanilla! lol
  8. Well, then couldn't MineColony be added to Tekkit? Or let me guess, is that not compatible too.
  9. Hmm. If you are 112 you should be nominated for Guiness Book of World Records. Yes I know it is a joke. (hopefully.)

  10. Well, then how did it make it into technic and yogbox? Plus, you don't have to be Mr. Know-It-All.
  11. Well, what about mellenaire? It's in Yogbox and Technic.
  12. The Aether mod (plus Mellenaire) is the only thing that would make Tekkit Perfect to me. That is all.