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  1. I just came back to this server, i used to be a veteran, I left because Nent changed the protection black and i was griefed. Is there a way to get my stuff back now? I left a few months ago just saying
  2. In-game username:davidzhuxptnt Age:14 Timezone:Australia, Melbourne What is your current rank?:Trusted(around 6 hours to veteran) How long do you play daily?:I mostly play when I have time, I usually play everyday. Why do you want to become a moderator?:Of course to help new people and pick out griefers. My house was griefed badly before, but I managed to mine my stuff back, I hated griefers. I was also surprised there were so many people who don't know the basic rules and still ask whether they can steal items or PVP. I'd like to help those people and solve other problems. What makes you the best candidate?:I have helped a lot of people on this server when ever I can, I made people houses and let them use my empty space when they don't have a place to live in. I made friends nano armor when they lost theirs accidentally. I'm willing to help anyone who needs it. Do you have previous experience moderating?:I was once an admin on a older tekkit server, but not familiar with some of the commands such as ban and mute. Do you have previous experience with Tekkit?:Yes I have played quite a few month now, not sure with exactly everything but I can learn really fast and willing to.
  3. hi, my minecraft name is: davidzhuxptnt, I got griefed today, all the stuff in my chest are gone, farm is ruined and random dirt block placed on the floor, I wonder if someone can roll back and fix my house, the codes are x:215 z:-754, thx.
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