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  1. Industrial Miner


    That's turkish for "it won't open". The average Turkish kid is not very smart (and yes, I KNOW that, because my IQ compared to that of many others is significantly higher...)
  2. Good luck with that; there's no real stable version out for Windows. Right here: http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/qNC-G2gSQb4
  3. Do this before asking for an update: 1. Is the newest version of Minecraft a stable version? 2. Are all the mods updated to the newest version? If above are both true, then there might be an update.
  4. Learning a bit about the Project REd transportation system.

  5. Switching from a BC sorting system for my bees to a hybrid with RP, since I can't sort the species with different traits every single time.

  6. Thermal Engines are a typ of engine in Steve's Carts that uses Lava (and maybe water).
  7. How do you mean, NOT ENOUGH power? I have a plan for a complex of fusion reactors which produces about 125k EU/t at peak generation.

  8. Let me introduce you to the TubeCube: a cubic tube network where you install modular machinery such as storage, processing and a lot more!

  9. Got a compact prototype for compressing items to blocks using Factorization and Redpower. Plus, this is modular.

  10. Making prototypes for additional modules for my RP/Log.Pipe sorting system; Item compression. FUCK THE CTHULHU-ly SORTING SYSTEMS ON YTUBE

  11. The blaze-macerator exploit has been used to death as "best" EMC farm. Besides, you can better use Sorting machines to sort 2 blaze powder from the 5 produced back into the cycle for 1 blaze rod in an energy condenser and the other 3 to a different alchemical chest/energy condenser. There's no over/underflow in keeping the EMC generation constistent.
  12. Somewhere in MC 1.2.5 UltimateTechPack I've finally been able to squeeze my RP Log-Pipe sort/proces/craft system in less than half a chunk!

  13. You can set an extraction pipe next to the auto-workbench with the materials in a chest next to the auto-workbench. The extractor pipe will only pull out the crafted product if the required materials are in the chest next to it.
  14. Some of my old projects: And I could only build this in short time in Survival: PS. you have to fix your post to show the pictures.
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