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  1. I had thought of that, and that's what I'll end up using if there are no other solutions. An Energy o mat would be a nice little addition to Tekkit though.
  2. I've been trying to figure out a way of selling EU to players on my server. E.G., they connect their machine to the servers "power grid". I found this page (http://minecraft-techworld.com/wiki/Energy-O-Mat) and at first I thought it was a real item but sadly it appears not. Any ideas for how to sell EU? Thanks
  3. It does support it as vanilla MC allows me to use OpenGL
  4. Hi, In my vanilla MC I have enalbed OpenGL, as MC then perfoms much better on my system and there is far less lag. However, when I use Tekkit, I try to enable OpenGL in the settings menu and it simply refuses to be any other value other than "Off". How do I enable it? Thanks
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