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  1. I've looked everywhere and tried everything that I could think of, but to no prevail. So, I now come here. How do you get Strange Matter in Voltz 2.0.4 (recommended), and it it normal for a Particle Accelerator and LHC needing to be 60x60 to get to 100% velocity, and is it normal for a particle accelerator to only get 5-10 Antimatter buildup per 100% velocity item reached? I've look at the wiki, looked through forums, attempted going through the mod developer, and I cannot figure this out. Anyone care to help?
  2. CoreProtect was removed and logblock has been installed for chest rollbacks if needed.
  3. Many little things fixed. In the works of making a food plugin and spawner plugin
  4. The server is public, and the thread has been moderated! Come by and take a look. We grow daily, not just in players, but in new things for the server! It is late for me, so I must be off :D
  5. IP (Will be getting a domain once issues are resolved) About QuantumPvP QuantumPvP came to be because I, the owner, saw that there were not many decently ran, hardcore, PvP, faction, raiding Tekkit servers. I put myself to the test of making a good Faction server based on previous experiences in raiding servers. This was also not the job of one being. Many friends and associates put time into forging the final outcome of the server. We are looking for a good community of hardcore, pvp, faction server players to join us. So, please read about our serve
  6. How would I go about disabling all Buildcraft recipes without blocking each ID individually?
  7. We never said that just installing buildcraft caused lag, as we knew that would be silly (the difference is so miniscule that you don't notice). It's how it handles entities and prevents floods.
  8. I will probably end up disabling ALL buildcraft pipes, since most lag is cause for spills. if I find other sources, I can simply disable them.
  9. Oh yeah, forgot Anchors were RailCraft. Also, they are going to be disabled as they are unfair and can make afk-able machines OP. I will probably disable it as I see, as expected, that it's the broken pipes/entities causing lag spills. Like I mentioned, the only thing RP2 is lacking, is power sources. Certain machines need power (sorters, ETC), where as BC used pipes. I think people will get past this and put a LITTLE more effort into making what they can do with BC. However, thank you all for the great, elaborate responses.
  10. I am soon to be opening a a very hard-worked on server that has been in development for 1-2 months now, and I need to know one last VERY important thing that leads to a big decision. Does BuildCraft cause a LOT of lag? I have heard from multiple sources that BuildCraft tends to cause a lot of lag on multiplayer with multiple people making big contraptions that include pipes. If this is so, I am going to need to disable BuildCraft and make people use RedPower instead. I don't really want this to happen as I, personally, love BuildCraft with all of its pipe's functions. I also dislike
  11. Me and a friend are currently in the making of a new Tekkit PvP Server, as I cannot find a really good server that is HARDCORE pvp. There server will start small to see if people will actually enjoy playing, then it will expand if we see that we have developed a player base that enjoys the server. If anyone who enjoys playing on PvP servers would care to give any suggestions for ideas of plugins, buildings, disabled items, etc, please we my guest. I would love to here what the community would like to see in a server. Also, would you rather have a lot of things nerfed to make it lik
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