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  1. Thanks for the comments, we are happy to hear that our community goes well together and we are working on more events and more vaults
  2. Hello Skrillex Would you mind sharing what happened to you that makes you feel this way about the community. I really want to say that we cant do anything about issues your having if you don't give us a Little more to go on. If something was done against server rules we strongly recommend talking to our staff about it. But going to a forum post 5 - 10 minutes after joining the server and writing one sentence claiming the community is bad is not going to get you anywhere with the issue. If you would like to tell me what happened so i can take a look at it you can contact me by pm or go on our webpage.
  3. We are a few selected members of the Tekkit community that had a vision. A vision back when Tekkit was know as Technic, The single player mod pack. We wanted to create the same feeling and game play as we had on Technic. Therefor immediately following the Tekkit launch we started up CF-Tekkit. The server was among the most popular servers back then. Sadly the server was shutdown when funds ran low. Now we are back with a brand new server, a new setup and most importantly the funds to keep us going! Lets make the vision come true! Bring back the class! CF-Tekkit offers you as part of the community a great place to do what you do best. We all love Tekkit and want to play it as much as possible. On our server we have setup a full system for a PvE server And you will rank up as you gain play time. With new ranks comes new kits. Kits you can use every 24 hour. We also want to bring out a friendly server and therefor have a dedicated staff team that is there to help you with any issues you might have. Also feel free to take part on our website To ensure that our community gets a friendly place to be we follow a few simple rules, both on our website, forums and on the server. Website and Forum: 1. Dont post rude/stupid stuff in the comments 2. Please use your common sence. The Server: 1. Do not attempt to grief in claimed areas. 2. Do not spam the chat. 3. Dont hack or use glitches on our server. 4. No profanity espescially towards others! 5. Listen to the staff, they are there to help you. 6. Do not make Gigantic power flowers. Banned items: 1. Ring Abilities - Exeption to the swift wolf 2. All explosives 3. REP 4. World Anchors 5. Crystal Chest 6. All infernal armor - exeption to the boots 7. Teleport pipes 8. Rm and Dm tool abilities 9. Ender Chests
  4. Welcome to Elite-Network Hello I am kentbakk the owner of Elite-Network; Elite-Network Voltz is a new Voltz server that has been open for 5 days. We have had a steady stream of players And wuld like even more to make a strong community; the server is using bukkitforge so that we can add as many of the best plugins to the server as we can. We have things such as Factions, Chest-shop, Essentials and many other plugins to try and create a fun environment for the players to be a part off. We also take your support very serious if there is something that you think the server is missing than why don’t you send me a email [email protected] and before you know it it will be on the server. Start of the new spawn: Server Rules No.1 Respect the staff and players. No.2 Keep bad language to a minimum. No.3 No hacking/Glitching. No.4 NoX-ray Texture’s. No.5 Try to help and have fun. Server banned items: None for the time being. Major Plugins On The Server Include: [FACTIONS] [bUYCRAFT] [CHEST-SHOP] [ESSENTIALS] [WORLDGUARD] And many more. Expected Uptime: The uptime should be 95%-100% The datacenter we are ussing has exelent sulutions ensuring this uptime. We also have a few sneaky tricks to keep the server online as much as we can. So if the server goes down it can be back up within minutes as I know I am always checking it if I am not online myself. Finally the server has very good bandwidth speeds witch mean there is next to no lag on the server. Quick over view of the server. [Kind and caring staff] [Many plugins to optimize enjoyment] [Lag free] [Very good uptime] [Good donator ranks] [staff that will help mould the server into pure amazingness] [20+ Slots] [Faction] And the best thing of all………. Voltz Just one last thing….. The IP: A few of our players with there bases and or setups.