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  1. So Me as a admin of the server and the owner of the server were traveling through the Nether and my diamond drill wore out so I tossed it to him and when he opened his inventory he had 3 in all. It seemed to have duped do to the fact he should only have 2 in all.We tested this with a variety of items and it seemed to only be IC2 tools and armor. (Nano, Quantum, Nano Sabers, Diamond drill, All the IC2 Pickaxes) Though sometimes as soon as you use the item it disapears but other times it just stays in the inventory and can be used. This seems to be a IC2 dupe bug and not have anything to do with EE (We have it disabled). It also seem that whoever recieves the doubled item gets to keep it without the item glitching out and disapearing. I just thought I should let yall know that there was another dupe bug out there. Thegarfish