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  1. It is not my problem if you didn't install it correctly. It's probably on a thread somewhere.
  2. And yes I want a link please. I will also pm you some challenges
  3. Hello everybody I'm here today with my new map Japgman's Hunt For The Power. It is an open world custom map made without the use of MCedit, just plain NEI. It is new and DOES REQUIRE ZEPPELEN MOD and it could have some bugs and such. I also have tons of easter eggs hidden around the map like maybe on top of a mossy ruin.... Also If you do a let's play could you please send me a link. Downloads: http://www.mediafire.com/?qwmylyf9dyiw4p2 I also have some challenges for you guys: 1: Find at least 3 Easter Eggs 2:Make dat' desert a forest! 3:Create a house using the equipment from the ship. 4:Escape the Ending Room. 5: Destroy the rest of the villages. 6. Launch an assault on the surrounding countryside in the castle.
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