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  1. pahimar started a letsmod series so he might help
  2. They (rail craft,thaumcraft and others) are completely different but they are not opposite to GT (at least not as much as EE). I mostly agree but they don't do it in the same way as ic2 (TE has rock wool and it can't burn and it can be dyed (as far as I know)so there kinda is CF)
  3. I know that EE is opposite of GT so it can be really hard getting used to (only if GT settings are default) my friend and I changed the config after using it in creative for fun (we know that as former EE player we can never do good in ic2 whit default configs)
  4. ppl won't dislike gt for ee but ppl that use ee all the time will not like default setings not the mod itself "I said that ppl that use EE all the time WON'T LIKE default setting"
  5. I didnt say say that ppl dislike it because of ee I said that its hard to get used to GT and as a user of EE I know that from experience
  6. *facepalm* i said that ppl that use EE all the time WON'T LIKE default setting of GT as you can't transmute everything, i didn't say that EE is bad, i didn't say that GT is good, i didn't say that ppl that use EE are stupid/unable to do anything but sit in front of a condensor
  7. No GT whit default setings is hard and EE has transmutation which makes you not go around and do more stuff
  8. i dont have spell check... and only grammar nazis like you would have an "utterly terrible time"
  9. hm i saw a GT recipe in it so i asumed that its from it. the better solar panels make tons of EU from smaller abount of light and moon makes a small amount of light so better solars CAN make a small amount of EU from it but its still weird i didnt say that im better just that i like default setings and that users of EE are going to have a hard time whit default setings Mod edit: Use the edit button. And give punctuation a try while you're at it.
  10. my point was that there is an config and that ppl that transmute everything are hating the default setings. There are some of ppl that like default setings but most of those ppl know how to change the config so if it came whit easy setings or have an seting that turns hard more ON/OFF that would be great.
  11. there are things like those new solar panels that make tons of EU and can work at night, lightning rods, fusion reactors, industrial grinder (better than macorator) there may be more but these i remembered in a second
  12. i didnt say that they are stupid to apreciate it just that most ppl that use modpacks of any kind (since yogscast came this place is filled whit noobs) dont know how to install mods and dont know about config files
  13. its hard to move from cheaty EE to GT also ppl that have it and complain about it are mostly tekkit players (technic team does item id changing so they had no idea that config file is for players too( some may did not notice the folder at all)) GT has a config and they just cant bother to change false to true and vica versa.
  14. direwolf did an modspotlight on MFFS look it up
  15. yes it looks fine but i am not a decorative person and the background is the only think i can find added
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