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  1. Long time no see... *Gasp*... I miss this project.. Good old days. I think I am going to start this again but not on such a.. large scale. Thoughts on what I should do differently? More advanced computer system of course :P
  2. I will not be posting anymore updates for a while, thus for two reasons, it is starting to become a pain to post them, and because the post seems to have lost its interest, I might still release the map once it is done, not sure. That will be all, Thank you all who supported the project, see you when its finished.
  3. I have just finished ALL of the computer programs that I can use up to this point. The door/gates server, which watches ALL of the openings in the mansion. We are wanting to add lock down support too. The security server, which makes sure all computers are communicating correctly and that no foreign computer id trys to send out any red-net signals. The light server, which tracks the statuses of ALL of the lights in the mansion. Every light circuit is counted as a separate status. So all rooms are on there own statuses. The status board for the light server was a but tricky so we choose the maj
  4. Well you guys we have changed a ton to the mansion from what we already had. I made a video update to show you guys around and the shear size of the mansion. If you want to see the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkL47JAFvW8&feature=youtu.be
  5. Well you guys we are back! We are working on map now, hope to get farther on the server system, then get the 2nd floor completely done!
  6. Yes, sadly I have gotten a bit busy the past few weeks, will try and get going again, if you guys have not heard I build websites now so, been a bit busy latley Thank you for being pacient. More will also come on the other maps. Sorry again! We would love some people that wanted to help out, anyways. Just had to check in!
  7. I am so sorry that I have not been active, I will still be busy for the next week or so. More updates will come I promise. The reason for me being busy is I run multiple servers and I am opening 3 more new servers and redoing another one so I have had to put all of my time into them before these maps. I am once again sorry. Give me another week.
  8. Live map is going to be going on in the next 10 minutes! So if you are interested hurry and post!
  9. How did you get a blaze rod in the first place XD
  10. Alrighty, I sent you a request. And You are now on the list. We are still trying to get more people. Before we start.
  11. I will be hosting a live server with this map! But in order to do so I need more people to come and play. I will allow teams of up to 2 people. Come and have some fun! If you are interested please post here, and I will give you info.
  12. @Thetwinmasters Alrighty that's fine, And thanks for the support!
  13. Updated the map a ton! Fixed a ton of bugs. If you have not gotten far I would download the new download. If you have not downloaded yet, all I have to say is you missing out Here is new link. I fixed the one in the main topic too: http://www.mediafire.com/?155orb64z3o3c26 Thank You! To those who have tried map. Sorry for the bugs. I can only fix stuff if I know about it so please leave me feedback, ideas, and what not.
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