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  1. "...NVIDIA, they're the good stuff."

    Around here those are fighting words!

    Well, not really, just messing with you. ;p

    I do like ATI though, ha-ha.

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    2. Xylord


      Eh, I know, but I just happen to have a double-fan cooling-ish thingy in there. That, with 3-monthly dust cleanings, and I never had any heat issues, no matter what I was playing with, and without a cooling pad (Didn't mention it, but I'm on a laptop too).

    3. Yuriy


      Well, of course you're on a laptop...nobody puts a xxxN into any sort of desktop ;p

    4. Xylord


      Oh, derp. Of course, laptop video cards probably can't go in desktop motherboards *facepalm*. I just thought that an external observer could see the cooling pad part as illogical if I didn't specify this. 'Cause there's obviously one of my creepy followers stalking this discussion right now.

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