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  1. Trying to place the crossbow on Minmus now. Objective is to get out of a planets influence without jetpacks.
  2. No M. Cookie, come back! You will be greatly missed, QQ :C Sniff
  3. Nah, the trolling here is absolutely miserable. Even in the whalebox we have standards. Here... That's just pitiful. I remember the golden days, when the babby heads rolled constantly. Trolls... Trolls have changed.
  4. I don't want to speak in his place, but just so you don't have to wait, Jakj has mentioned quite a few times that his work is as open source as it gets, and that you can do whatever you wish to do with it without asking for permission (Except releasing a different version under his name, yadda yadda). It's nice of you to ask though!
  5. Wasn't there Better Dungeons in there somewhere? Sure looks like it.
  6. Nah, technium is useless, you've got to install the Portable Gamma Rays component on your power gauntlet, which needs ten solenoids and five Radioactivated Thaumic Ions. You can easily obtain those by farming the chapter IV : A New Nope. However, you'll need to always carry depleted uranium core power bullet of class at least .50 (Preferably .75) If you want to have any chance against the final boss. Another good trick is to shoot off the eyes of the tentacles first, that way it won't be able to protect attacks to the main core with it's armored parts. Also, thanks SpoaceTad for providing us a place to give counsel to new arrivants! It is extremely refreshing.
  7. Hmm, I thought it was more appropriate to say it starts where their legs used to be before evolution decided otherwise, rather than after the intestinal/urinary/genital cavity.
  8. Kudos on the art, cheap! It's just as great as usual, and the webcode is excellent as well. Who do we have to thank for that already? Olloth? sct? Came to say that as well. Love this kind of music, might I know who made it?
  9. You'll always just be my favorite creatine rapper.
  10. Getting head... Hehe. I'll show myself out.
  11. Force is not energy though. Hue, that was fast. And you've proved nothing. You just made an assumption (Negative energy exists) based on another assumption (Newton's third law). But that's almost semantics anyway.
  12. Catalin is a bundle of sticks.

  13. It would be more accessible, but the reaction of a limbless MCforumer would be worth all the gold in the world... Maybe simple villagers could just be worth less? (All this is a mix between an idea and pure imagination, as I have no idea how difficult it could be to modify the player model in such a way it lacks limbs, and achieve that this lack of limbs affect the player's ability to move etc..) Kocken idea... I like it. Maybe it could be a random limb/organ from a list of what you've got left. Maybe you could create mechanical contraptions able to replace your organs, but that are very expensive to create and require maintenance in some way?
  14. That would be the greatest mechanic ever... You have to pay arms and legs to use high level alchemy, and you have to build a really complicated automail prothesis to be able to function normally. Once you run out of limbs, you have to get noobs on your server and trap them in a pentagram.
  15. New B9 pack out... SABRE engines are ~~lovely~~
  16. I read somewhere that a neutron star was so massive that despite its size (Which is still pretty tiny for an astral object) it had a surface smoother than the curve of a new billiard ball.
  17. The first one isn't really SC related.
  18. The system of carriage would sure be more user friendly. Frames contraptions and caterpillar engines are fun and impressive, but constrain quite a bit designs. Also, CC uses RS signals either way, doesn't it? Also, a complicated idea, but putting it out there anyway. Maybe the carriages could have an UI, where you have options, such as "If receive RS signal, move once/continuously in X (up/down/north/south etc) direction" rather than a more fiddly wrench system. Edit : Beautifully 'd by Neo.
  19. Didn't know Elo had quit entirely... A shame. But if you can pull frames off successfully, you'll probably transcend us all and attain the status of mod god. I haven't heard of anyone else doing that.
  20. Deer girl sure has a lot of issues.
  21. Sounds weird... I never touched much of the maneuvers, mostly used gut feeling and angle charts on the Internet.
  22. Huehuehuehuehuehue Now, onto applying those flags everywhere...
  23. Little more than just that, it's simply a rockomax-sized asparagus rocket.
  24. Hmm, my Mercury IV didn't have trouble getting up there at all, although a technical problem concerning heat made me lose half my deltav.
  25. What? That's like, half the fun! (Both setting up firing sequence and failing explosively). Also, neat trick about staging, you can modify your staging in flight or on the launch pad.
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