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  1. Turns out rudeness and snark is encouraged here. People here believe that harrassed individuals should be harrassed even more. I came here just to make a simple question thread on technic, but, you guessed it, I suddenly for no specific reason get an insult randomly on my very first thread that was friendly. Go ahead and insert your rude and sarcastic replies to this thread but be advised though, this is my very last time posting here and iv'e only been here for two days and will never be online, ever, ever again. Tell me to leave because I disrespect the mentality of these forums, I dare you,
  2. My time here has been served, I will no longer ever be online to Technic Forums.

    1. Cheap Shot

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      I can honestly say, no one cares.

  3. A simple question and a major argument begins. Fact: 95% of all people disagree with that quote worldwide. So you believe that being harassed and offended means that you should be more harassed?
  4. LOL!! That right there sir, is hilarious!
  5. It was on the very first thread I ever viewed, unfortunately I've forgot it's name. I believe it was in the Café Lame, not sure.
  6. I did find that "putting it in myself" was rude for me, it's how it looked like towards me.
  7. Alright, what shall I marinate it with? BBQ sauce? Hahahah.
  8. Well yes, thanks for your good reasoning, but of course to new people like me, as what you had said in the ending "Go visit the Whale Box" or anything like that towards me and the newbies, you know, we find that offensive but of course it might be the best answer we get in the future.
  9. Being snarky towards a thread just because it's the same question of another thread is something I helplessly don't understand.
  10. Well sorry if it's such a problem to you. Once again, I am new and of course never knew people had answered the same question.
  11. Well yes, that's much more respectful to everyone instead of saying things like "Because they removed it. Period. Go put it in yourself you son of a dirt bag" That's how those type of replies looks like to me due to my odd personality. And yes, I do have a mental issue, is that a problem for you guys? Looks like nobody realizes the fact i'm new.
  12. Of all that you said, it makes me confused that we are supposed to get rude answers on a question thread. I'll need a better answer on that one since my personality is a hard thing to confront and change. So it comes to this possible conclusion: According to you and your fellow mates, I am a "dickhead" for disrespecting rudeness, is that right? If you are convincing me to become rude and snarky on the forums, sure thing. Does anyone atleast know that I just created this account yesterday and I'm new? About close to 90% of people on forums like these who are very, very new seem to get mute
  13. A white knight? See guys, look, there's another one. We've finally got somebody to post yet another sarcastic reply to end the whole question era! At the end of your sentences of your reply, does it even look like to you I "can't handle these forums" all because I give out a question regarding what's with all the rudeness going on? My good sir, with all that you say, you seem to be trying to let us know that you are yet another antagonist I say. And my good George I tell you, one poor fellow user was banned just for somebody like you, just on your own entertainment because he had the sligh
  14. You don't have to answer them all. Just choose a few you desire. If someone had said "YOU NOOB!!!" to you without any specific reasoning. If someone had said "I like scrambled eggs" on an off-topic thread. If someone had said "I don't read the rules because it's obvious things like Don't be stupid, don't spam, etcetera". If someone had said "You get nothing! YOU LOSE! Good day sir!!" to you. If you were a moderator or administrator and someone had said "lol u nooby admin moderator lol noob" to you. If somebody randomly gave you a message in your inbox saying "maxaam... ahh!" If someone had s
  15. Good point, but I'd like to ask, what about the regular average threads you see everyday that were insulted without specific reason?
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