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  1. Clair and Annette Dark1272 & Gr4mm3rN4z33 22 & 23 no EST annette and i are a cupple and we are looking for a small server to play together 10 & 1 foxes, because fuck you thats why.
  2. method 1: starting out find leather to make a back pack, once you have that raid a tower (at your own risk). collect string to make big backpacks and repeat. build up gear and items to start a sentimental and done. method 2: starting out find gravel and sand and make a smelter. find iron and make steel, make a steel pick to mine nether ore. make a manyullyn rapier and raid towers and people.
  3. go to options at the main menu... video settings and set open GL on and the performance from balanced to max FPS
  4. are you using open GL? try changing your graphic settings before you start going ingame
  5. sure send me a server IP and your IGN in a PM and we can play
  6. what you are saying is confusing because it really doesnt make sense in that way you are asking for help. if you put the ore into the smelter controller it will turn to liquid and sink to the bottom of the smelter will do nothing at all yes you have to cast ingots or blocks before you can use the next "layer" of smelted ore
  7. Hello! I'm Clair and this is my profile... creeper

  8. you cant "drain" them you have to manually do it by poring it into a cast or basin. E: alternatively you can destroy the mulitblock and it will delete the "liquid" inside
  9. you are having a crash at start up, try reinstalling java and the game. if its not enough you may not have enough ram to run it. click the gear and set the amount of ram higher then what is selected.
  10. ideally you want 16+ but I ran a vanilla with 8g and it worked fine, though hexxit is far from vanilla I'd suggest 1-2 people 4+ 3-5 people 8+ 10-20 people 16+ 20-100 people 32+
  11. you have to put the metal into the smelter controller not into it, try putting a smelter controller into the multi block and try again. let me know what happends
  12. I'm not sure what happened but it may be saved as world.dat in the world folder, try take it out and runing the .bat then puting the .dat back into the world folder. try that out and let me know if it worked
  13. Think its time for me to back away slowly and let the kid-I mean men handle this. The point of my post was never attacking any one people or even a group of people yet this spiraled into what I can only equate to as a scummy 4chan topic. sorry to those that wanted to discuss the topic at hand, sorry to people that got butthurt over my opinion and to every one else I'm not going to be replying to this virtual boxing rink. The idea of telling people not to support this thread was that if you where going to reply simply to attack me for having an opinion then to keep it to themselves but clearly things are way off topic and there is no way to quell this forum bar fight. ryokashit I am sorry to you for having to defend the OP and you where right, it was not constructive (I was kidding my self to think so) but this whole thing is nothing more then trying to convince the koolaid drinkers there god is not real and they shouldn't kill every one including themselves to defend it. Punk I am sorry to you for the immense amount of hate that will not allow you to discuss what I had intended with this post. hopefully some one that is not a woman, furry or has any thing negative to say about the pack will post something and you can post there. this topic died the moment some one took what I said to heart and had felt like they needed to be a white knight for men that (as staff) cant defend themselves (sarcasm) With great regret Clair Edit: if you read the whole tread you'd know i wasn't talking to him.
  14. aside from the random banter about "you said, he said" I can tell that there is more to this then people see, maybe I didn't explain myself, maybe I said something that hurt some one feels but in the end it was not a swing at the Technic guys or the respective work ethic. I say opinion, people say insult, I say not quite right people say perspective, I say I know its hard work and I'm disappointed with the outcome and people say f**k you. feels like now-a-days you need a disclaimer stating "this is the view of one person and does not reflect the mods/moders or compilers. This is my opinion" I see that people want me to "accept its a good mod" but really I love the open world idea that was hexxit and I like the idea of mad science but B-team fell short of that goal when I got bord so I took to the forums to see if others felt the same. I tried my best to be honest and real when I said my peace. Like I said before "if you have an opinion people will hate you for it". though people may not like it, my OP was genuine and real, I meant what I said and I stick by it. If people could take a moment and reread the OP and try and look for the sincerity in what I was saying then I'd be more then happy to revisit the post with my complaints and solutions but as it stand I feel that if I say any thing against the beliefs of the people here I will be hated on. If you want your koolaid then drink it, if you want my opinion then read it, if you want my suggestions then ask for it, if you don't like what I say then don't post about it, I don't want you to support a thread that was not tailored to you.
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