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  1. can someone give me a screen shot of the normal controls thanks. i need to fix mine cause i messed them up.
  2. I think the problem with my computer is that aotbt uses so much ram and cpu that i cant keep up with it. this causes it to glitch out and run out memory. Can someone tell me the requirements for smooth game play so I can play the game well.
  3. I have looked in the nether in a suicide mission and could not find one for two hours!!! I know i can breed a golden one but that takes forever and i want to be able to go through lava with the purple. I also saw on the wiki that they are located in the end but i don't want to face the ender dragon but if i have to, so be it. anyone got some advice?
  4. i HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!! mine does the same thing and i dont know why all i can help u with is that you should put the render distance on short. i know it sucks but you can at least play the same game but we still both need help. p
  5. Nope didnt really help i have to keep it at short render distance and i checked my snooper settings and my fps was at 1247!! i get to play for like two minutes then it glitches out with a 200 dollar evga graphics card. Thanks for the responses and all but i still need more help but still thanks.
  6. sorry about that wont happen again only serious questions from now on
  7. Have you ever heard of sarcasm? its a little thing that we say that means the opposite thing for comedic effect. I know cooking Meat was a stupid person and i dont agree with him at all. I just wanted to make a joke but you two took it way too literal. No sense of humor whatsoever.
  8. I dont think we have to go through this again like in the cabbage post do we? now like i said before stop comparing me to your terrible comedy standards. I bet you don't even now who cooking meat was.
  9. Really? is this what you get off on? to start saying others form of comedy stinks while yours is worse. In the words of Richs_Yard Great profile name btw "NO MOM SCHOOL IS USLESS" MOM says "GO TO SCHOOL OR ELSE YOU WILL BE FLIPPING BURGERS AT WENDYS YOU PATHETIC LUMP." Richs_Yard says " """'NWENDYS IS DELICIOUS! HAVE YOU HAD THEIR FRIES MOM!!!!!!!!" That definitally sounds so much funnier than what i said!!!![extreme sarcasm]. So bottom line dont make fun of other people for what your bad at and this is all on his profile page under Profile Feed.
  10. Just trying to make a joke kid you don't have to ruin it.
  11. Cabbagebuttitis is real

  12. hello my name is mseibert16 and i have been diagnosed with cabbagebuttitis it is a disease that ravages the body eventually making it all smell like rotten cabbage. I dont know if anyone else feels my pain put the doctor says i have about 1 day to 100 years to like and i don't think i have much more time considering i'm 21 years of age. Does anyone want to donate to help find a cure. The donation page can be found at www. thispageissofakeitsfunny.com please donate generously knowing what im going through and now here is a homeless man with his dog to inspire you to donate. *Mod Edit: Pict
  13. Please don't suspend me for this (though you might) I just want to take a moment to have a whole huge reply to talk about the best of himex "my mother is in the hospital and im sorry if i don't like being criticized when my mother is dieing" and such favorites as "I don't see why new users should be criticized for stupid posts" Also some of his best qualities like his Irish texting accent and who could forget his very upbeat attitude about others(Jk LoL) Lets all talk about his best qualities. I know this is old but you can find this in the whale box.
  14. I don't know how to delete tekkit and i want to to save more room for other mod packs.Help?
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