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  1. You're whitelisted, welcome to the server. Take the portal to our town and you're welcome to stay in our town hall while you settle down. There is also a community trash containing a few things that could help you out. Have fun (:
  2. You're white listed now. There's a portal at spawn that'll take you to our spawn village. Look for town hall (pretty big building can't miss it) there you'll find a community garbage with some things to help you out such as armor and weapons. Welcome aboard (: and have fun. You're welcome to stay in town hall while you get settled down.
  3. After upgrading my server to the latest recommended build it seems that vanilla Slimes aren't spawning at all. Slime chunks are no good as well as biomes that should be spawning them. Vanilla Slimes are needed for the making of toads and the blue slimes as well as the Globs won't work.
  4. I put it up for a vote and we decided to let you in, I'll whitelist you and read the signs at spawn. You may need to make your own boat tho, I think they're all gone haha. Anywho there are people online if you need anything
  5. @DJ_Locks I'm obsessed with Pittsburgh lol. I only have one slot left but since my girlfriend will be playing as well I think it would be great for her to have another girl to talk to so I'll let both of you in
  6. I'll whitelist you two in a minute. Spawn was horrible so we left and found a village, look and read the signs left in the island it has coords and a few instructions. There is also a chest with a sign that I left for someone, each of you take 11 carrots from there and a boat to get you to the village. You'll find more food at the Village and don't forget to replant There's two people online so ask them for help if you need any I have to run an errand. Have fun (:
  7. I do watch them, mainly Keralis, Chim, GennyB, and Bdubs but I agree with you. Had the same thing in mind and just whitelisted you. IP is in the OP and you can start when you please. Welcome aboard
  8. Hello everyone Achilles here, I have a private server that I paid for so my girlfriend and I could play in but personal things are happening so she can't play as often anymore. That being said I would like to invite six people to join my server, may add four more later on, since I don't want to get rid of it. The server will be on 24/7 and if for whatever reason I have to put it offline I will notify you in advance (most likely would never happen). >I'm looking for six people 18 or older >killing isn't allowed unless you and someone else, or all of us, d
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