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  1. Minecraft Name:epicdude2000th Age(We Don't Discriminate):13 Skype(You must be able to do a Voice Call):epicdude2000th Past experience in; Whitelisted Servers, Modded Servers, The 2 combined(This can only help you):i like helping people with the mods Are you a good builder( Can only help you):yes but only inside Are you willing to donate at least $5 after settling in the server(Can only help but if we get enough donators we can get HOSTING, all donations are for hosting):sorry no but ill try Youtube(Can help for the most part (CAN HURT)):no Do you know how to install modpacks, mods etc.:yes(dur we wouldnt be looking would we) Do you have technic launcher:yes
  2. you should accpet me cause i like to help people First Name :james In Game Name (mine-craft name) :epicdude2000th Timezone (or location, via city, state, country, etc.) :London Amount of time you're able to play on the server (brief explanation of preventions that might happen, if not able to play two (2) hours per day, or more.) :i have clubs but other then i will be on the suravr Minecraft Purchase Date (I use this to understand how much experience you have, and how much you know about minecraft overall.) :2 years ago Any bans from previous servers (I use this to estimate if you are a good elector for a slot on the server.) :no Why you wish to join. (This is the important part, I don't just want a one liner like ; hi i want to join the srvr plz im awsome at minecraft) :cause the last survar i was on stopped so i bean looking for a new one ever since Any comments (optional, but please post it if you have one.) :no one less that's why i what to be on this surar
  3. no hes just not playing right now (which is kind of unfair since he said the survar would be a 22/7
  4. if your wondering y i know this the same suvar is beening shown on jellybeans
  5. guys it down and i dont know when it will be up its on vanilla right now none of us r whitelisted
  6. ? don't know right now the survalers on vainilla and none of us are whitelisted
  7. privet posts though right now the seravrs down and hes on it on vilnila
  8. Age:13 In Game Name:epicdude2000th Timezone:englands About you:im friendly and allway trying to help people on the survars Describe your Minecraft experience:good redstoner and scincesit Have you ever been banned? if yes why?-Doesn't mean you will be declined automatically:no Why pick this server from the rest of the servers on here: it does`nt look like anyone whated me so plz accept How long can you be on Minecraft usually: from when i get back from school to when i go to bed
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