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  1. A new idea called the frontier is being integrated into the server, its a no-man's land where you may murder people as you please.
  2. Hello! My two friends and I are hosting a Modded Whitelisted Server. ATM, We are constructing the server(Spawn, Config, Rules, Etc.) The Mods are Attack of the B Team and a few others. Mods: Others To apply please reply with a filled out application. Here is the Application Form; Minecraft Name: Age(We Don't Discriminate): Skype(You must be able to do a Voice Call): Past experience in; Whitelisted Servers, Modded Servers, The 2 combined(This can only help you): Are you a good builder( Can only help you): Are you willing to donate at least $5 after settling in the server(Can only help but if we get enough donators we can get HOSTING, all donations are for hosting): Youtube(Can help for the most part (CAN HURT)): Do you know how to install modpacks, mods etc.: When will you be on (Day(s) + Time Range + Your time(Eastern, Mountain, etc.) ): Our modpack is hosted by the Technic Launcher, we suggest having it ,there are alternatives however. Rules: The server is in beta so its not the most unlikely things it would crash Only few would be accepted now. Donors and Builders are our biggest need. This server is hosted in New York. The IP and modpack url will be given to any accepted applicant. Sorry for my horrid english.
  3. I apologize in advance if this was the wrong place to start this thread please notify me where to put it ... nothing seemed to be dedicated to this If Im making a private modpack for me and my friends do I need permissions from mod developers? I assume I dont since its private but clarification would be great! A reply to this thread would be nice but a pm would be more appreciated.
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