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  1. No longer accepting people at this moment guys. Will be in the future. I've recertly added Laura, Pixwarron, Tijmen, Ben Leatham, and DedicatedJ on skype. Hope you accept my request soon so I can get things situated with you all. Will be adding more here soon! Thanks to everyone who applied.
  2. I own a server that a few of my friends play on that we record on. We are looking for more players that would like an Attack of the B-Team server to record on. We're nothing special ourselves lol, We're just looking to get more players and have a good time. The server is hosted by Stickypiston Hosting. I plan on upgrading the server soon, but right now I see no point as there is only three of us. Rules to the server: No Griefing No Raiding Be nice and polite to others Just have a good time! It would also be nice if you would record for youtube. Application: IGN: Skype [if I accept you, I will add you and inform you : D] Do you agree with our rules to the server? Age [This won't affect your application, so please do not lie : P]: Youtube: How active you will be on the server: Why should we pick you?: Thank you and goodluck to everyone! :-)
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