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  1. -What is your in game name? My In-game name is TheNetherArrow Why would you like to join our server? I was searching for a aotb server and i found a couple , they were bad community so i decided to find another one. I want to be a part on aotb server because i love its mod pack and love the whole community around it How old are you? I am 15 y.o. What can you bring to the server? I can help other people who need me with resources (when i have them ) and i can do anything to get in here Are you Friendly? Totally yes .I'm the type of guy that u can be friends with Can you take a joke? Yes. I think that i have the " sense of humour " Can you tell when someone is joking about? First of all , i won't take anything seriously , it must be really annoying and exhausting for me to make me go mad
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