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  1. IGN: Ophelious Age (Be truthful!): 33! What makes you want to join this server? I like small servers where everybody knows everybody and helps each other out - or makes silly rivalries for fun What could you bring to the server? I know the mods already, played this pack before but took a break and I've been missing it. Plus I'm a low-drama person, I don't like meanness and try to diffuse it if possible. Skype - my skype name is my actual first and last name, so I'll give it if I'm accepted. But I'll be honest, almost never use it. How active will you be on the server? Daily
  2. You're in! On the list, come play with us Take the portal at spawn to the town.
  3. Hi there. I'm Ophelious, a member on a small, private server that has recently had a few spots open up. No drama, just people's lives pulled them away and they lost their spot. Currently there are 7 of us so a full server will have 10. Must be 18 or older, no exceptions. A few rules and recommendations: No killing unless agreed upon or instigated by trickery or witchery. No stealing. This includes changing the settings on someone else's tesseract. People are generally very helpful if you just ask for something. A central town exists for shops and simple homes. All automated machinery, mob spawners, and other lag-inducing systems should be located at least a few chunks outside the town. Some of us are already quite spread out. Working on projects for the town is welcome. It's far from complete. If you disappear for two weeks in a row without notifying myself or Achilles833, you'll lost your spot. Some previous knowledge of the mods is recommended but not a deal-breaker. Pranks are welcomed, as is keeping it fun and not taking it personally if someone pranks you. Please reply with the following: In Game Name: Age: Location (the server is hosted in Houston, TX): Have much experience with ATBT or its mods? How often do you expect to play? (don't play it up, just so we know): The IP is Will let you know here if you're accepted and whitelisted. When you arrive at spawn an Enhanced Portal will take you to the town and you can decide where to go from there.
  4. Dang! Seems I am always just too late! Well on the off chance you decide you want another girl... In Game Name (IGN): Ophelious Age (18+): 30 Specialty i.e builder, great with the mods, etc. (this will not effect your chances of being in): I love exploring and figuring out the mods. I'm still working them out, there's so much awesome stuff you can do! Location (country wise nothing specific)(the server is being hosted in Houston, Texas): also in Texas! Why you would like to join: the public servers are too unreliable and the crowd is too young. Been trying to get in with a good 18+ group for a while.
  5. Minecraft name: Ophelious Age 28 Why you want to join: I've been searching for a whitelisted server for adults for ages! And I love the ATB modpack. I hope you have all the mods fully enabled. Your greatest Minecraft strengths: making awesome workshops to make whatever I need Your Minecraft Weaknesses: not much of a builder, I go for function over form but I'm going to work on that when I find a server to settle down on How often you will be on: Mostly weekends but some evenings throughout the week as schedule permits.
  6. Hi. I've been looking for a smallish ATB server for a little while that has all the mods enabled. I love this modpack. I am an (apparently rare) adult player who will play mostly on weekends but some evenings when time permits. I've been watching for whitelisted servers to pop up so here's hoping.
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