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  1. Hey, I recently changed my mc name, and I was wondering if you could change it on the Technic website. my ign is PrinceMellon.

  2. Snow doesn't exist in the area I live in. We get one five minute hailstorm per year at best.
  3. TSL:B is a pretty good anime, but my personal favorite is Seinfeld.
  4. wow you are the only staff member that actually came on in a while jesus #whatthehell#whereiseveryone#technicdead?

  5. Changes made to skins aren't reflected in Minecraft version 1.3 or older. Tekkit Classic runs on Minecraft 1.2.5. In other words, you can't change your skin if you're playing Tekkit Classic.
  6. Please get in contact with me.

  7. Well evidently that ain't how it works 'round here. Whatever forums you're used to, this isn't them.
  8. Well, there are several problems here. First, you put this in the wrong section. I moved it for you. Second, your crash report isn't even accessible. I'd say nobody can help you because of that, but in this case the report doesn't even matter. Third, you're trying to merge a 1.5.2 pack and a 1.6.4 pack. Guess why that won't work.
  9. Not sure about the temperature, but from what I saw of the gameplay video weapons and such seemed plentiful enough that gear breaking wouldn't really be a problem.
  10. Why can't you play with the vanilla launcher? If your Minecraft account works with the Technic Launcher it should work fine with the Vanilla one.
  11. hi i have a problem i cant download my modpack(naturemagic+) from technic launcher.

    the Dropbox link dosen`t work(https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s7jkwq7bq3lqpmn/AADOoTu9dQXepbJQRg_vGo8Ca?dl=1)

  12. I'm pretty sure you'd have to have an Admin change your forum username.
  13. And so began the writing of the modern epic, Dreams of the Byte Master: A Technic Forums Space Opera.
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