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  1. So, my best bet is to re-create this account? Can you delete this one then? I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks once again.
  2. Any way I could contact any of the Administrators? I mean I could create a new account but I don't want to, you know, don't want to have multiple accounts for obvious reasons. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, much appreciated. (The username on the main website changed) Is it possible to change my forums username as well? Or only Moderators can do that? Thanks once again.
  4. Yeah, the one on the website. Can't Moderators change it?
  5. Hello, I've searched the internet and I found nothing on how to change my Technic Platform username. I'm just wondering, how could I change it? New Username: HexaChop If it's not possible, just tell me, I will understand. Thanks! Your help is much appreciated!
  6. Oh and close this topic please. Thanks!
  7. Thank you very much. Much appreciated. I will certainly not waste my second chance I am very glad to see friendly moderators. Thanks for understanding.
  8. No second chances huh? You gave up helping. Shame on you. You probably don't know what "aggressive" means. I was nowhere close being aggressive. I am asking once more politely. Unban me please. Please, don't make me take actions. Don't make this hard on all of us. I made a mistake here. Who am I? A robot to not be allowed to make a mistake? All I said was "dam", I didn't even swear. You stopped replying. You could've said "Nothing we could do", I would've just understood and forgot all of this. This is so childish. You abused your moderating powers. No warning - No nothing. This is ridiculous. Moderators were made to chat with people, help those in need. All you did, like small children, gave up on me and just banned me. And you call yourself "moderators"? Not even close. I wasn't even angry nor aggressive. Moderators should accept people who they are.
  9. I said almost. I was on for 2 months on Technic Discord. All I did was ask too much help and said dam. That's it.
  10. Hello, respectful Staff. I'd like to get unbanned from your Discord server. I am very sorry for my very egoistic, disgusting behavior and swearing/insulting. I will never do that again. I promise. I am banned for almost a year now. Discord Name: Domissoo With Respect, Domissoo25