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  1. So, my best bet is to re-create this account? Can you delete this one then? I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks once again.
  2. Any way I could contact any of the Administrators? I mean I could create a new account but I don't want to, you know, don't want to have multiple accounts for obvious reasons. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, much appreciated. (The username on the main website changed) Is it possible to change my forums username as well? Or only Moderators can do that? Thanks once again.
  4. Yeah, the one on the website. Can't Moderators change it?
  5. Hello, I've searched the internet and I found nothing on how to change my Technic Platform username. I'm just wondering, how could I change it? New Username: HexaChop If it's not possible, just tell me, I will understand. Thanks! Your help is much appreciated!
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