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  1. Snow doesn't exist in the area I live in. We get one five minute hailstorm per year at best.
  2. TSL:B is a pretty good anime, but my personal favorite is Seinfeld.
  3. Changes made to skins aren't reflected in Minecraft version 1.3 or older. Tekkit Classic runs on Minecraft 1.2.5. In other words, you can't change your skin if you're playing Tekkit Classic.
  4. Well evidently that ain't how it works 'round here. Whatever forums you're used to, this isn't them.
  5. Well, there are several problems here. First, you put this in the wrong section. I moved it for you. Second, your crash report isn't even accessible. I'd say nobody can help you because of that, but in this case the report doesn't even matter. Third, you're trying to merge a 1.5.2 pack and a 1.6.4 pack. Guess why that won't work.
  6. Not sure about the temperature, but from what I saw of the gameplay video weapons and such seemed plentiful enough that gear breaking wouldn't really be a problem.
  7. Why can't you play with the vanilla launcher? If your Minecraft account works with the Technic Launcher it should work fine with the Vanilla one.
  8. I'm pretty sure you'd have to have an Admin change your forum username.
  9. And so began the writing of the modern epic, Dreams of the Byte Master: A Technic Forums Space Opera.
  10. I've been interested in trying out Factorio multiplayer. If you put up a server, I'll probably join in.
  11. Keep in mind that'll only affect you on the clientside. If you go onto a server you will still look like Steve to everyone else. And anyone with a Steve skin will look like your skin. And anyone who's done the same thing will see their skin on you. And etc.
  12. Ah, yes. Unofficial server listings. Clearly a more reliable source of information to judge this off of than the people who have direct access to all the actual statistics. I hope they enjoy waiting.
  13. Of note, if you're getting CrazyCraft through the Technic Launcher, that's an unofficial clone pack. The actual CrazyCraft is available through the Voids Wrath launcher. Not sure if it'll fix your problem, but you'd probably have better luck getting proper tech support from the actual creators of the pack anyways.
  14. magical girl Valkon theme: video game motif: heart weapon: grimoire magic: decay colors: rose + lilac Given my interest in Lovecraftian lore, parts of this seem somewhat appropriate.
  15. I've always been of the opinion that Yandere Simulator would be a better game if it had the same kind of mechanics... but you weren't a yandere. Maybe an assassin or something, I dunno.
  16. Is your MFE by any chance set to emit a redstone signal when full? If so, the signal is probably switching the LV-transformer from step down to step up mode, switching the input side to an output side and the output sides to input sides.
  17. Apparently my computer does not like playing Tekkit Legends on servers, because my game keeps locking up and getting me killed to zombies and skeletons while frozen. I'll try again later.
  18. I'd join, but I keep timing out when I try to connect.
  19. That would be VeggieTale's version of the biblical Battle of Jericho. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXM2o_Hb9Ls Obligatory clip with a misspelled title.
  20. We can take it further. "Tekkit with GregTech".
  21. Yes. Tekkit hasn't been updated in quite some time. On the other hand, it will be updated soon, at least according to the Technic Tuesday Thursday posted yesterday.
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