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  1. Ver 1.03 Link here 24/7 Community | Dynmap | Forums | Active, friendly staff About Us Heart & Soul is a brand new community featuring a new modpack made by the all new Team EnderPotato! Our fully customized pack brings together a harmony that is missing or avoided by popular modpacks. We have subtle changes in place from hugely popular but difficult to balance mods, such as Magical Crops, Big Reactors and Iguana Tweaks. Our active staff is always around ensuring that server TPS stays at its highest. We avoid using sweeping catch-all solutions such as ClearLag, 4 hour restarts and other band-aid fixes. We are here to nurture and provide for a community, not be a "here today, gone tomorrow" type deal. All that being said, we have a great, and active community who has grown to over a whopping 50 people in less than a week. We have people connecting from all over the world, from New Zealand to Poland! Our perfect hosting record with 0% downtime means the only time the server is down is when it's restarting once every other day, or patching. Come join us in our vast new world. We still have new server smell: there's plenty of land ripe for the taking! Here is what our server features: Fully pre-generated worlds. Don't be lagged out by others going out exploring! Constantly expanding map. Our map grows a little every day, pushing the borders out farther! Active staff and players. We consistently have people playing and talking! Discord - Share builds, ideas, or just chat with others! Plugins - We feature Essentials, GroupManager and a few other choice tools. No pay to win - Everyone is in multiplayer survival, end of story. 100% Uptime - Restarts only three times a week, patching only when absolutely necessary! Difficulty is set to hard. Players have enjoyed the drama! Dynmap - See your build from orbit! Forums - If you have a lot to say or just want to hang out, check out our forums! Vitals MC 1.7.10 / KCauldron Community founded June 15, 2016. 32 GB dedicated server. 6 GB allocated with aggressive parameters Opped test server available periodically for testing potential new mod additions 4.0 GHz single-core performance, high performance SSD (80,000 IOPS) Server IP given upon application approval Server located in West Coast, USA. Pings are ~70ms to East Coast, ~160ms to Europe and ~200ms to Australia. Our modlist can be viewed below. Modlist: Server rules Be respectful. This includes: Respecting the admins. The admins work hard to keep the population of the server happy, lag-free and content. It is an often thankless job. Admins do not tolerate misbehavior or disrespect. At any time an admin may remove you from the server for any amount of time based on their personal judgement of any infractions that occur. Respecting the server. Do your best to use lagless integration. This includes avoiding blocks or contraptions which are known to cause significant server load such as vanilla hoppers, dozens upon dozens of caged mobs, looping power systems, etc. If you are not able to exercise good judgement, an admin will visit your area and offer suggestions and tips to improve server performance. Respecting other players. Simply put, do not grief and do not harass or belittle others. Everyone here is here to enjoy their experience. If anyone detracts from their experience in an overtly negative way, expect them to be removed from the server. We are all here to have fun, so let’s encourage fun! Installation Once you have downloaded Technic Launcher, click "MODPACKS" and in the top left type in "heart and soul" for the pack to show up. Click Install in the bottom right. Be sure to update your Java parameters by clicking Launcher Options in the top right of the launcher, and selecting Java Settings. Allocate 3-4 GB to this pack if you can; the pack is fairly heavyweight. Once you load the client, click Mutiplayer and our server will appear. Whitelist Application To apply, please fill out the following in a reply to this thread and one of our staff will contact you via PM within a short while. In-game Name: What servers have you played on before?: What did you enjoy about your favorite server?: What mod is your "must-have?":
  2. The difference between Monty Python and you is that one is funny.
  3. Hello. I am posting here because I am being ignored and have tried to reach out a couple of times to administration/moderation staff here. I posted a thread a few days ago advertising my new modpack and server. A moderator came along and said my post needed cleaning up. Not seeing it was a moderator, I reported them saying they were mini-modding and not contributing. At any rate, I cleaned up the thread and made it focus more on the server aspect. Once I reformed my thread, I sent a message to the moderator via his profile because he has/had PMs disabled. Since I couldn't send the message, I posted politely on his profile. I asked for the moderation to be deleted and the post that I responded with so it would not detract from my thread. The moderation job was done, and cleaning up after is something I am used to seeing on forums. Well the moderator posted the following response, and I responded politely once again. So now I've got a moderator being an asshole to me out of nowhere, using his power to threaten me after I've followed his moderation instructions. I have also sent a couple of messages to other moderators requesting their help in assisting me with this, but they have not responded despite reading my messages. It has been at least 24 hours. I'm sorry I reported your moderator. I followed your rules, having my thread match other examples of Whitelisted threads in the same section, and I have asked other moderators to ensure that everything is up to par. I do not like how I am being punished for this. I would appreciate the moderation removed. I would just delete the thread and make a new one, but I can't. Please help. Thank you.
  4. You said change the upload? I am just uploading modpack.zip over and over, and overwriting the old one. What should I be doing? My version numbering is 1.01, 1.02, etc.
  5. Hello. I am in need of updating AE2 Stuff to a more recent version. I would like to include the newest version, while having users have their old version removed from their modpack folder. How can I achieve this? Thank you.
  6. Free? No. I use Dreamhost. $10~ a month, no real limit on bandwidth and they have amazing support.
  7. I have updated my thread. I would appreciate it if you could please delete both your and my replies to it so we can unclutter it from moderation discussion.

    Thank you :)

    1. Munaus


      you should have thought twice before clicking that report button.

    2. Siigari


      I think I mentioned somewhere that I didn't see that you were a mod until after I sat at my computer. Phone doesn't show titles and what not. At any rate, it would be professional of you since you did your job and I responded in kind to clean that up, please.

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