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  1. wow you are the only staff member that actually came on in a while jesus #whatthehell#whereiseveryone#technicdead?

  2. Well this isnt the place to post worldguard issues but Ill help you out: yes, you are right that [lavabucket] is the name but there is something else you can do [(ITEMID#)] on-use=deny,tell,notify So it would look like this [3883:21] on-use=deny,tell,notify I do not know if it actually supports meta data but you can give it a shot or you can go into the config files and disable it completely go to ./voltz/config and there should be a file called ICBM.cfg open with a text editor like notepad or notepad++ find these line: B:"Allow antimatter Crafting"=true B:"
  3. Optifine is most hardest mod to deal with, too many conflicts and incompatibilities with other mods, creating a modpack without optifine is easy. If you want to install optifine in this modpack you are going to have to do some coding for optifine.
  4. Trying to figure out why people make unstable modpacks

  5. Major Plugins Factions, Essentials, Group Manager, MobbountyReloaded, Votifier, RandomLocation, PVP titles, MCDocs Banned Items As of now there are none Description We are a small network that connect people who have the same urge to kill people online ;P We mainly operate on our own website : accretion.us and on our forums : accretion.us/forums Out server is kind of greylisted as you would unlock commands to further assist players in their gameplay such as the /back command can be unlocked by registering and posting on our forums. We try and Keep everything working and have fri
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