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  1. Ok, I am setting up a voltz server for me and my friends and I want to put Antimatter explosives/missiles and Red matter explosives/missiles on the WorldGuard blacklist, but I don't know what their 'Name' is to do that . e.g. To deny lava buckets [lavabucket] on-use=deny,tell,notify [lavabucket] being the 'Name'. Thanks in advance!
  2. This server is running Feed the beast: Direwolf20 pack, not vanilla Minecraft or Tekkit. Once you have installed Feed the beast just click multiplayer, then add server, you can then leave the name as it is, then put the ip from the first page into the address part then click create and wallah, all you have to do now is click the server and click "join server" hope i helped.
  3. Hey APx its GarchompsWrath1 erm, kinda got banned by the spamguard for raging/spamming. But there is no appeal template so, i'm just posting here, please get back to me :/