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  1. Thank you for pointing out the ovbious.
  2. Valkon, who is Jay? And also, who are you and why are you mad at Jay for saying B*******?
  3. Im sorry, I just want to have flans mod in tekkit. just leave me alone. what you have been saying is a crappy way to treat someone. Leave this thread alone please.
  4. Jay?, I am sorry to say this but please stop that. I am not in any way harassing Flan, I am asking a question and seeing if people like my opinion. Some do, and I respect your opinion, but please stop posting comments that dont require you to say this isn't possible.
  5. Also, I need as many of you to post a comment on flans forum to make him make a tekkit version of flans mod. Please! support this thread if you want to!
  6. I am going to develop a new pack especially for tekkit and tekkit only. Give as much feedback as possible. Thanks!
  7. I wanted only one pack that included planes that were used to transport people in things in tekkit. also only a couple of guns like a SCAR-L or a M1911. that is all.
  8. Although flans mod is incompatible, I will try to persaude flan to make a modloadermp-free version. thank you for replying!
  9. Adding the flans mod would make tekkit more realistic than any other modpack.
  10. I was wondering if flans mod should be coded to multiplayer and introduced to tekkit. if anyone wants to discuss this, please reply on thread.