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  1. Thank you everyone for joining the server! It really means alot! The server is booming and we now have donation ranks!
  2. Thanks for everyone being so awesome. The server is now growing really fast. People founds some bugs and they were addressed. Thanks for everyones help.
  3. IP: Server rules: Report Duplication Glitches, English only in main chat, No greifing (We provide world guard, if they dont world guard there stuff it is is fair game to greif), No excessive language, no spamming, no killing in homes, no hacked clients, respect everyone on the server, dont ask for OP, world guard your homes, no drop parties, no pvp logging. Mods Removed: Buildcraft Banned items: All explosives, ring of ignition, zero ring, ring of arcana, void ring, black hole band, nuclear reactors, all chunk loaders, destruction catalyst, evertide amulet, mercurial eye, cf sprayor, mining lazor, all alarms, hyperkinetic lens, rm furnace,MK2 and MK3 collectors/relays, volcanite amulet, watch of flowing time, catalytic lens, rm tool abilities, and infernal armor. Plugins: WorldBorder, jobs, and mcMMO Description: I went from tekkit server to tekkit server and I could never find a server that was lag free or one that wouldne be greifed daily. So I decided to make my own. Eldercrest tekkit has been up before but had to go down because of some minor bugs. We have fixed these bugs and are back baby! > Uptime: All day every day 24/7 except for restarts. Community: The players that our server hosts, are the ones that enjoy tekkit. There the ones that enjoy survival of a normal minecraft server mixed with tekkit. We provide a server where you can play with your friends without worrying about someone flying around with a destrustion catalyst and completly destroyes everything. We have a great staff and are always looking for more. White/Gray list: There is none!