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  1. Well, the purpose of this list is to introduce the player to as much as possible. This isn't a walkthrough with a specific path in mind. It's a guide to discover what paths you like best. In a way, this isn't about what's the best way to play Tekkit because that's impossible to gauge. Everyone plays the game different. It's an introduction to the game.
  2. The people who created Forestry made their mod specifically incompatible with Tekkit because they didn't like Technic using their mod without their permission. They also didn't like how their Technic Launcher uses direct downloads and doesn't link to Forestry's website, so they can make money from Adfly. At least, this is what I heard what the reason was.
  3. The following have been added to the goal list: an airship, turtle miners, divining rods, philosopher's stone, transmutation tablet, and an alchemy bag. Thank you for your support, disconsented and Foreplaying.
  4. Thank you, warpspeed10. You offered a lot more goals to the list. It has been updated. ^^
  5. Added a diamond drill, batpack, and lappack to the list. Thanks once again, Nentify!
  6. Added a coke oven, eletrical hoe, electrical treetap, chainsaw, and mining drill to the games. Thank you, disconsented.
  7. Thank you for the new goals, Menace and Nentify. They have been added to the list. :3
  8. Ahhhh! I'm so stupid. @@ I fixed it. I also added copper cables and rubber boots to the goals. Thanks!
  9. Redstone and circuitry have been added to the guide. What else should be added to the guide? Also, the people who have contributed to the guide have been given credit. I forgot to do that initially, but your names should be up there now. Edit: I added goals for building a sugarcane and wheat farm and an alchemy lab. Edit 2: I added a goal to craft an equivalent exchange.
  10. Modified the order, so that everything involving the rubber trees follow one another. Thanks! Also, do these machines require redstone? I forgot about redstone.
  11. I added people's suggestions to the guide. Thanks for all the help you guys have been giving. Please keep the suggestions coming. :3
  12. Contributors: disconsented, Foreplaying, Jay?, Nentify, OmegaJasam, Psycho Yuffie, The Merchant of Menace, Torenzu, warpspeed10 I wish to create a list of goals to follow in Tekkit. Why? To help introduce myself to everything Tekkit has to offer. Slowly allowing me to discover how to do things: starting from simple and eventually becoming gradually more complex over time. Problem is that I don't know enough about the game to make this guide on my own. I need the help from experienced players. The far-reaching goal of this guide is to help others who are new to the game as well. Hopefully it will become a reference at some point in the future. That would be cool. If you have a suggestion, please tell me what the goal is and where it should be on the list. Thanks a lot for your time. Keep in mind that the steps are meant to be vague. How to accomplish each goal is supposed to be up to the player to discover. The Great Goal Guide Early Game 1. Find wood. 2. Craft planks from wood. 3. Craft a crafting table from planks. 4. Craft a pickaxe. 5. Find coal. 6. Craft a furnace. 7. Craft a chest. 8. Build a kitchen. 9. Craft leather armor. 10. Craft a treetap. 11. Find a rubber tree. 12. Find rubber. 13. Plant rubber tree saplings around settled area. 14. Craft crop sticks. 15. Find reeds. 16. Create sticky resin. 17. Craft rubber boots. 18. Find copper. 19. Craft copper cables. 20. Build a storage area. 21. Craft a coke oven. 22. Gather seeds. 23. Build a farm. 24. Find a pet. 25. Build a barn. 26. Make an animal reproduce. Mid-game 1. Find iron. 2. Craft an electric furnace. 3. Craft a generator. 4. Craft a batbox. 5. Craft a macerator. 6. Craft a electrical hoe. 7. Craft a electrical treetap. 8. Craft a chainsaw. 9. Craft a mining drill. 10. Craft a batpack. 11. Craft a compressor. 12. Craft a canning machine. 13. Craft biofuel. 14. Complete a house. 15. Find emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. 16. Craft a divining rod. 17. Find redstone. 18. Craft circuitry. 19. Craft solar panels. 20. Build an alchemy lab. Late Game 1. Find diamonds. 2. Craft an alchemy bag. 3. Craft a diamond pickaxe. 4. Build an airship. 5. Craft a mining turtle. 6. Find obsidian. 7. Craft a transmutation tablet. 8. Craft a diamond drill. 9. Craft a lappack. 10. Craft a singularity compressor. 11. Create a nether portal. 12. Find glowstone. 13. Find netherstone. 14. Craft a philosopher's stone. 15. Craft a recycler. 16. Craft a blast furnace. 17. Craft a transmutation table. 18. Craft a mass fabricator. Note: Does the order seem wrong to you? Let me know where something should go. Also, let me know if you see a crafting or building goal that requires a resource not mentioned. For instance, if I have something that requires red matter and I don't have a goal before it that says "find red matter," that would be something I want to be aware of. Thank you for your help.
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