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  1. Obviously Frizzle plans to add more spells and i am sure he has plenty of ideas but there is no harm in throwing more at him. Spell name - "Deep focus" Spell class - Mage & Ranger Spell type - Self buff Gen. use - PVP Spell desc - Increase wand / bow accuracy on yourself by X% for x amount of seconds. Has a long cooldown. (For mages - increase accuracy to 100% for 4 seconds with a 1minute cooldown?) Well that is my idea for a spell which i really would like to see in game since wand accuracy is really bad. Add your ideas.
  2. Nope. We actually do need more bag space. Trying to go through 1000 items after spending 10mins clearing a stacked tower in 350 zone is no fun when you only have 1 bag slot spare. I run around with 2 different resist sets, a run speed set, a high stat set, a few different wands and a group of resources i use to repair. I play on a busy pvp server so i avoid using chests and like keeping hold of the good items so i can give to noobs or trade for repair resources. Sure, less junk could drop. That would be a removal of fun from the game though. Digging through lots of items to try and find the good ones is fine.
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