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  1. Hello,

    Every time a player logs onto the server, they see a few messages saying that there is an update for a mod. Is there any way to disable those messages?

    It seems as if there is some single function that checks for updates then blasts every join with the "There is an update for Such-and-such mod"

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi everyone,

    It's been a while since I last ran a Tekkit server. I can tell you that in the beginning it was total chaos... up until I figured out which items/mods could be blocked with protections and which had to be banned or partially restricted.

    I am wanting to run another Tekkit server, but am unfamiliar with what items/mods are being banned/restricted these days. I've spent some time looking through the forums and server listings and found that some items/mods were banned more often than others. It can be quite confusing to decide on what to keep and what to ban.

    I'd like to put out a request to everyone to post your list of items and/or mods that you would personally ban/restrict from a Tekkit server. The goal is to create a central list that we all can go to for reference.

    Please keep in mind:

    • This is for the latest version of Tekkit.
    • This is as much about personal preference as it is protecting the server, so please... no flaming someone for their preferences.

    Keep to a basic format:

    • Item/Mod name
    • Reason for ban/restriction
    • Plugin and/or option setting that can ban/restrict it

    Thanks! And may you be Chaos free!

  3. I guess chrome would know a thing or two about spyware, it takes one to know one and all that.

    And the launcher download on the main website is 100% clean; that 242 link that you posted is the correct one. If chrome is blocking it, use a different browser. Firefox, Iron, and Opera are decent choices.

    Edit: And I would drop webroot if I were you. They are notorious for their false positives; this PDF (also available from wikipedia's source list on the webroot page) put out after testing several AV products will tell you more. You really just have to look at the graphs.

    Yes, get rid of Webroot.

    Avast has been faithful for me. Get it here.

  4. I have just come across a Bukkit plugin that looks to be a promising alternative to the Crafting Table III.

    Currently, it does have a bug with Tekkit. You are able to see all of the crafting variations based on what you have in your inventory, but you aren't able to select/craft anything that is available.

    The good news is that the author is aware of people wanting his plugin for use in Tekkit. He has stated that he will "highly" consider supporting Tekkit, but first he wants to polish out any current bugs as it is in an experimental stage.

    Here is the link: CraftingPlus

  5. Try just using the Glass Fibre Cable...even at the short distance. in my tests, they work 100% of the time. Just food for thought :P they are a pain to craft early on though haha

    As to WHY they do work, and others don't....not really sure

    Strange... I just tested this with Glass Fibre Cable and am still having the same issue in both SMP and SSP. Which version of Tekkit are you using?

  6. Title: Newly Placed Batboxes Not Being Charged By Water Mills

    Version: 3.1.2

    OS: Windows 7 64bit at home and on a rented service from Exodus Hosting... sorry I don't know what OS they use.

    Java Version: 7 on both

    Description of Problem:

    When batboxes are hooked up to water mills they do not charge. This happens a little more than %50 of the time. If you break and replace the batbox or the connecting cable several times, then eventually the batbox will start to charge.

    Here is a video showing what is happening:

    Error Messages:

    There were none

    Error Log:

    There were none

  7. Rules aren't tools for preventing things from happening, they're a tool for seeking recourse when people suck AT you

    Absolutely right... To many times I've seen rules used as a "griefer shield". These rules seem to threaten or ATTEMPT to scare people in to obedience... or, there is the "biblical" wall of rules that put new players to sleep. They should only be used to simply state "what not to do" and "consequence of breaking a rule". I personally use rules... I believe in giving fair warning to new players.

    And I only post the rules that are bannable... there are only a few, so it keeps the reading to a bare minimum and there is no misunderstanding of the outcome of breaking a rule.

    If you're having so much time and effort wasted, you might want to draft a couple more OPs.

    I've been running a server for over a year now... the best thing I have ever done was add 4 moderators. I picked only those who have been with the server from day one and who are literally on at different times of they day. This has helped tremendously with nixing griefers! Also, after a while, you and your mods will develop a natural "griefer radar" instinct. Some players just give off a bad vibe that you will eventually pick up on.

    One thing that I have done to help with the misery of griefers was to build a griefer graveyard. I outlined a huge area with wood fencing, then dug out out a bunch 1x2 block plots and placed a headstone on each one. Every time I banned a griefer I would fill a plot with sand and place a sign on the headstone that displayed the griefer's name. Everyday people would log in and immediately go to the graveyard to see who "died"!

    Having the graveyard didn't take the annoyance away, but it did add a bit of fun to it :)

  8. Some of the players on my server are reporting that items are vanishing from their hands as well. I'm trying to confirm this to be true... I have not seen any errors. I suspect that some of these disappearances may be caused by TreeAssist. So, if a player chops a tree with a mining laser, chainsaw, or red matter weapons... they vanish from the player's inventory... I myself, have not seen this.

  9. I should have mentioned that I haven't seen any issues myself... my concern only stems from the warning on the Tekkit Wiki, in regards to using Energy Condenser with and/or near other items:

    WARNING: When using wooden pipes to extract from the Energy Condenser, do not have an Antimatter Relay or Energy Collector adjacent. This is known to create corrupted chunks, which must be removed with an external map editor. However, this does not happen as long as the pipes aren't touching the relay or energy collector.

    Also, removing the target of the Energy Condenser while having a powered Transport Pipe attached to it may corrupt your world.

  10. Doing a search for Energy Condensers brings up about two pages of info... I didn't see anything that suggests that there has been a fix to remove the risk of this item corrupting a chunk.

    Has this been fixed? The other alternative, as mentioned in other threads, is to disable this item with a plugin. And yikes... were some of the server members against this!

    What are some of you doing to get around this? And, is there a list somewhere that will show me which items (or combination of items) are known to corrupt chunks and/or the server?


  11. the EE tools patch you linked specifically says it is for tekkit 3.0.4, which is the latest version. so yes, it is needed if you want to keep EE tools in check without removing them completely.

    Super! Just tested the patch... it works... at least until some super genius player discovers a work around! Lol.

    Thanks for the suggestions... I appreciate it greatly.

  12. This will get you a relatively safe server. There will be bad times regardless of how many precautions you take, so BACKUP OFTEN.

    1) Remove the EE mod. Don't minimize it like some would advise. Avoid it like the plague.

    2) Look for AlienX's thread and download his custom WorldEdit/WorldGuard. There's a link to it in one of the stickys.

    3) Download the latest version of IC2 from the Mod Central. It fixes a lot of things related to security and protection plugins.

    4) Either disable or tone down nukes & reactor explosions in the IC2 config. Nukes will damage protected land no matter what plugin you use.

    5) CoreProtect works fine. If you want Factions, get the 1.7.5 version.

    6) Get SofterLandings plugin from Bukkitdev to avoid instant death when landing with jetpack.

    Dynamite & mining laser (in Explosive mode only) can and will bypass all protections like the nuke does, so disable them as you see fit. No laser is a deal breaker for a lot of people so I'd keep it there and only remove it if it becomes too misused on your server.

    Thanks for the tips.

    I tested the nukes and mining laser with iZone... the nukes were not able to destroy the protected area... however.... that mining laser is nasty!

  13. Hello,

    I have been running Bukkit server for a little over a year now. I have a lot of experience with plugins and their configurations and have, like most of you, gone through several bumpy Minecraft\Bukkit updates. So, dealing with issues and what not is not new to me... however, if at all possible, I prefer to avoid them from the beginning!

    Anyways.... I'm wanting to run Tekkit on my server and was wondering if any of you Tekkit veterans have any advise on setting up a Tekkit server that is safe from grief and free of map corruption?

    I have taken a look at " Useful Guides/Links [server Setup Guides/Fixes/Patches/More!]" section. And cant tell if some of that info is up to date and/or applies to the current version of Tekkit. And since I have zero experience with this type of modification....I think I might need a little guidance.

    Currently I don't worry to much about griefing... it happens, but not very often. However, I do use some protection plugins: Core Protect, iZone, Safeworld, and Deadbolt

    Should I use the patches found here?: "Patch for EE DM/RM Tools - Protect your server from griefing!", or are they already implemented in the current version of Tekkit?

    My biggest concern is world corruption. In a fresh test map I have seen giant underground caverns with chunks of ores floating in the air. Is this corruption? If so, what causes this? How can I avoid this?

    Any ideas or advise will be greatly appreciated.

    ~Jun~ MOD EDIT: don't sign your posts.

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