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  1. Another problem, i have the desktop (running the server) which i am on. and when my sister plays on the laptop, she cannot connect. i used localhost and my ip adress
  2. Please help i am desperate. I know that this is against the rules (bumping fourms)
  3. I doubt that this will go well, but there is a rip off of slenderman from the chzo mythos series, which looks epic. here is a link to a song, with cover of him. And here is a lets play, he will appear at 5:38
  4. When i open the bat file i get: error occured when installing VM Could not reserve enough space for object heap could not create the java virtual machine a fatal exception has eccored, program will now close
  5. Someone please tell me a very detailed tutorial, i am just failing so badly, someone explain to me step by step with overuse of detail.
  6. Me and my sister prefer to play by ourselves, and i dont want to port forward the router, if there is another way to set up a server, can you please tell me
  7. I was wondering if there was an x ray mod for technic pack. i need it for obvious reasons, and yes, i know that it is considered cheating, so i use it offline and yes i know u can cheat to get stuff, i prefer the thrill of digging, even if u know you are about to get some diamonds