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  1. I love this server. I never have any problems with it and play it often. They don't need anything special about them either. They are just simple fun, why should I ask for anything more?
  2. I am going to start a town and invite people and get big, and then I found the /build event that's always fun when servers have build contests. And then on top of that they are running spleef! Its amazing this server is my new favorite!
  3. Awesome server with a fun new modpack. I got on for the first time today and already I am in love! I love pokemon and minecraft so if that's what your looking for join here!
  4. This server is amazing! I work hard everyday to grow a little bit! It makes things fun when new people get on and I get to help them out a little bit!
  5. Amazing server I get on everyday. If I'm having a bad day all i have to do is think about getting home to play on the server! Can't wait to play on it when I get home!
  6. This server is really fun to play on. I get on everyday, and get on the teamspeak. I have made some friends who I wouldn't trade for the world. I really enjoy this server and I wouldn't give it up for anything. I'm sincerely happy with this server.
  7. On the teamspeak as I am typing this, everyone has been having awesome conversations. And I am loving it! It makes playing on the tekkit server so much more fun!
  8. Love the server, the shops system is really to help out, I am going to set up a shop of my own one of these days. I think I'll purchase a Myst first!
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